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4Steps 4 steps to help keep your super savings safe

Follow these 4 steps to help you keep your super savings safe and reduce the risk you may become a victim of financial crime.

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Karl Members’ interests highest priority in talk of partnership

QSuper chairman Karl Morris addresses media reports that QSuper and Sunsuper are in early discussions about a possible partnership.

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insurance Insurance changes for under 25s & low balance members

QSuper will keep members updated on what the legislation changes might mean for them

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Family Growth for benefit of members

QSuper and Sunsuper announce preliminary discussions about a possible partnership.

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Superannuation Superannuation
MOL Connect with your super anywhere, anytime

Check your super balance, view your investments and review your insurance wherever and whenever you want

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Illuminated stock exchange board supporting QSuper financial performance satisfaction article QSuper is #1 in member satisfaction

QSuper member satisfaction

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downsizing your super Downsizing homes to upsize super

What to know about downsizer contributions

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super when you change jobs What could happen to your super when you change jobs

How to make sure you don’t lose your super when you change jobs

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Egg Retirement
deeming How deeming works

What is the deeming rate

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Finances Finances
banner Your financial pulse check shows gains in confidence

QSuper members feel more in control of their money and more confident about their financial future, a new survey shows.

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Woman with blonde hair wearing a grey shirt and man with brown hair in a blue checked shirt looking at a laptop screen, with indoor plants in the background Considerations when looking for a credit card

Finding a credit card to suit your needs.

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credit score What's my credit score?

Find out your credit rating to better understand your financial reputation and avoid a surprise rejection with QSuper’s easy guide.

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Investments Investments
AIU Your update from the investment team

More than 3300 members across Queensland met face-to-face with our investment team to hear the latest on how they are managing your money.

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Career Career
network Career: Building your network

Networking can be the key to opening yourself up to opportunities in your job.

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teen Helping your teenager apply for a job

Help your teenager apply for and find their first part-time job by following these steps.

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leadership Building your leadership potential

To build leadership capability, you need a strategy.

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Wellbeing Wellbeing
xmas Spend your holiday season wisely

Eight ways to help you celebrate the festive season, without a debt hangover.

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DV connect It starts with education

QSuper speaks with DV Connect

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