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annual investment update brad holzberger A chance for us to connect

QSuper’s Annual Investment Update takes you inside the minds that manage your investments, to hear first-hand from senior members of the QSuper Investment team.

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News News
QSuper’s strong returns with less volatility QSuper’s strong returns with less volatility

QSuper Balanced investment option delivers strong returns.

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Grandfather and son QSuper's investment strategy in action

QSuper Balanced investment option tops 1-year and 10-year performance results

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Female nurse at desk with paperwork An investment strategy that delivers

QSuper members invested in the Accumulation account balanced option may be better off over the last 10 years, thanks to some clever investment strategies.

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Superannuation Superannuation
QSuper’s Lifetime series leading by default QSuper’s Lifetime series: leading by default

QSuper Lifetime investment options industry-leading.

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unpaid super Unpaid super: What you can do

How to report unpaid super

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Privacy and data Keeping your super data safe

How to protect your superannuation data – QSuper tips

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man and woman looking at ipad How to tax effectively boost your spouse’s super

Get a tax offset and help boost your spouse’s super

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Egg Retirement
Lecturer standing at the front of the classroom and teaching his students Creating a flexible retirement

How choosing part-time work is becoming a way to downshift to a flexible retirement.

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Finances Finances
teach 5 Money Lessons to Teach Your kids

Educating your kids about finances early in life will help set her up for financial independence as an adult.

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compound interest How compound interest works

What is compound interest and how does it work

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25 years financial advice 25 years of financial advice

QInvest: How financial advice has evolved over a quarter of a century

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Investments Investments
banner The top 4 things our members wanted to know at aQmen 2019

Find out more about QSuper’s investment in Heathrow Airport.

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Career Career
Redundancy Prepare for your next career move after redundancy

Take steps after redundancy to put a new job in your sights.

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work Money management when you are starting out

10 steps to help with a bright financial future

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teenager Helping Your Teenager Apply for Their First Job

Help your teenager apply for and find their first part-time job by following these helpful hints.

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Wellbeing Wellbeing
banner How to carry forward the fight for gender equality

Women of the World festival founder and high-profile global arts identity, Jude Kelly, explains how women and men are joined in a growing purpose to achieve gender equality.

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Couple sitting on the floor with a laptop talking money together. How talking money might help your relationship

Money might not be the hot conversation topic in a new relationship. However, discussing finances before making a commitment may make for a stronger bond.

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