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more super Together, it's more super

What does more super look like for our account holders following the merger last year of QSuper and Sunsuper to form Australian Retirement Trust?

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News News
Australia Day awards group photo QFES staff and volunteers recognised for impact on communities

Celebrating the everyday heroes across Queensland

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Juicies-TV-awards-03 Celebrating the superstars and super heroes of Juiced TV

The young stars of the Juiced TV were celebrated at a special event recently

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Philippa Healthcare hero helping cancer kids let their hair down

Clinical nurse consultant Philippa Fielden is boosting young cancer patients’ confidence – one wig at a time

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Superannuation Superannuation
Overtime work Is super paid on overtime?

If you regularly work overtime, it’s important to understand what that means for your super.

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What are contribution caps What are contribution caps and how do they work?

Grow your super by putting extra money in. But contributing too much can mean extra tax

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Mother and daughter looking at some documents Super for uni students

What university students should know about super

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Woman at construction site with high vis gear Grow your super faster with compound interest

How adding a little more to your super now can help you harness the power of compound interest.

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Egg Retirement
banner What is retirement age in Australia?

Find out when you can retire and access your super

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Finances Finances
banner What is financial advice?

Many Australians have started getting financial advice or seeing a financial adviser more often

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banner How women can take control of their financial wellbeing

Plan to feel confident about your money and overcome the gender pay and super gaps

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christmas shopping How to spend your holiday season wisely

6 tips to help you keep festive season spending under control

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Investments Investments
brian Investment performance and economic update: January 2024

Our Chief Economist Brian Parker recaps our long-term investment performance

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Community Community
Mental health Keep your mental health in peak shape

In the workplace, and at home, simple brain hacks can reduce stress and improve your resilience. Mental health authority Chelsea Pottenger explains to QSuper how – and why – your mental fitness matters.

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Supporting the financial wellbeing of Indigenous women and girls Supporting the financial wellbeing of Indigenous women and girls

Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar is helping to lead the charge to elevate the voices and respond to the challenges of First Nations women and girls.

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How to get a promotion How to get promoted

Australia’s current tight jobs market means it’s an ideal time to raise your hand for a promotion. We have some tips that might help.

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Wellbeing Wellbeing
banner How women can plan to win financially

Knowing how you can secure your financial future is crucial

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Downsizing Downsizing? Here's a quick 'to do' list

Downsizing on the cards? There’s a new financial incentive from the Government that you might want to consider in amongst the usual things on your downsizing to do list.

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