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Choice Super SuperRatings Choice Super of the Year 2018 – and we couldn’t have done it without you

QSuper has just been awarded SuperRatings 2018 Choice Super of the Year. While awards and recognition are nice, our members are our biggest judges.

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12 moments for you this holiday season thumbnail Here's 12 moments for you this holiday season

Take these 12 moments for yourself now and for the year ahead, even if you’re not getting the chance to slow down these holidays.

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Young_Super_Switched_On Why school leavers need the 6Rs now more than ever

More 18-year-olds are earning super compared to four years ago. Here’s how to be super ready by the time you leave school.

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Work more flexibly 97% of working women say flex is the future: poll

Flexible work arrangements are what women in the workplace really want, according to attendees at a recent QSuper financial education event.

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Superannuation Superannuation
downsizing Legislation update: Downsizing your home

Retirees are being encouraged to downsize their family home in new measures passed by the Parliament.

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Superannuation 2017: The year that was thumbnail Superannuation 2017: The year that was

Your summary of changes to superannuation legislation 2017.

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First home buyers Legislation Update: First Home Super Saver Scheme

The First Home Super Saver Scheme has passed Parliament. Here’s what it means for you.

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lost super Lost and unclaimed super

Queenslanders have more than $3 billion in Australia’s tally of almost $18 billion in lost and unclaimed super, according to the tax office. Find if some of that’s yours.

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Egg Retirement
Will you achieve a 'comfortable' retirement? Will you achieve a 'comfortable' retirement?

How much income do you need for a ‘comfortable’ retirement? And what does this really mean for you now to realise this lifestyle?

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Finances Finances
Where Gold Coast members are feeling financial pain banner Where Gold Coast members are feeling financial pain

Gold Coast members rate funding their retirement and the cost of housing among the top causes of financial stress.

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Townsville banner Money a stress for some in Townsville

According to a recent QSuper survey: Almost 60% of Townsville residents find managing finances stressful.

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Buying property with a friend Buying property with a friend

Buying a house with a friend has pros and cons. What to consider when buying property with friends.

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Investments Investments
ETF Graph Exchange Traded Funds: Can they have a place in your retirement strategy?

Increasingly popular ETFs can fit into a diversified portfolio.

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Career Career
women in business Flex, finance & your future

QSuper hosts the inaugural Flex, Finance & Your Future event, helping to influence social and financial outcomes for women.

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work habits Some good workplace habits to practice

Starting out in a new job? Some good habits to start from Day 1

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Juggling work and study Juggling work and study - six tips

Keeping on top of your career and your education is a juggle!

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Wellbeing Wellbeing
CEO Michael Pennisi and staff at the QSuper White Ribbon Breakfast event 16 Days of Activism: What you can do to stop the violence

More than one in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence, according to the ABS 2016 census. Find out what you can do to stop violence against women, and how QSuper partners with White Ribbon Australia, DVConnect, and DV Work Aware.

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Housesitting Housesitting: Some considerations

Free rent, free holidays – what to know about house sitting.

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