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young woman at home doing finances on laptop How to rebuild a $10,000 early super withdrawal

QSuper modelling shows it’s possible to recover an early super withdrawal by repaying small amounts over time

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News News
Nurse scrubbing hands Out of crisis comes recognition for Queensland’s nurses

Putting a positive spin on the COVID-19 pandemic is a near impossible task, but one group of professionals has earned widespread recognition for their incredible work.

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What are contribution caps What are contribution caps and how do they work?

There are contribution caps that limit the amount of money you can save in super. Here’s what you need to know.

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National Seniors Partnership QSuper and the national voice of older Australians

QSuper works with National Seniors Australia to support members.

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Superannuation Superannuation
Claiming a super tax deduction Claiming a super tax deduction

Claiming a tax deduction for your personal super contributions may help you reduce your tax.

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Boost spouses super How to boost your spouse's super

Boost your spouse’s super with some help from the tax office.

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young female couple on laptop Consider online advice about your super

With just a few clicks and you could obtain advice anywhere, anytime online

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Is super taxed Is superannuation taxed?

How is my super taxed?

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Egg Retirement
banner What do your concession cards get you?

Know your entitlements and make sure you get them as soon as you are eligible

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Finances Finances
How to protect yourself from scams How to protect yourself from scams

How to make sure you don’t lose money to scammers

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OTE Is super paid on long-service leave?

Learn how super applies to your long-service leave.

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xmas Spend your holiday season wisely

Eight ways to help you celebrate the festive season, without a debt hangover.

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Investments Investments
climate change wind farm QSuper climate change and investment decision making

Actions to measure and manage climate change risk

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Career Career
multi-cultural man working from home How to get the most out of working from home

Find 6 tips to help make working remotely over the long term work for you

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banner Nurses and midwives’ work has never been more important

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the great work of many essential workers

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RFDS Memorable moments for RFDS flight nurse

QSuper is celebrating International Year of the Nurse and Midwife: A look into the life of RFDS (Queensland Section) Flight Nurse Susan Markwell.

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Wellbeing Wellbeing
financial stress Understanding the signs of financial abuse

Financial abuse can happen to anyone, no matter how much money they have or how educated they may be.

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Mental health in retirement Banner Stay connected to invest in your health and happiness

Ways to feel safe and connected in retirement

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