Do you have lost super?

Australians have $13.8 billion in lost super held by the ATO.1

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How lost super happens

Lost super belongs to people whose super fund can no longer contact them or they haven't made a contribution in over 5 years.

How many lost super accounts are there?

There are millions of lost and unclaimed super accounts worth over $13.8 billion.1 Could some of this be yours?

How to search for, find, and combine my super online

It's easy to find and combine your super online.2

Log in to myGov

Log in to your myGov account, click on 'ATO', then 'Consolidate super'.

Choose which accounts to combine

You'll be able to see details of all your super accounts, including any you've forgotten about.

No paper forms required

There are no paper forms to sign or mail in. Complete the entire process in myGov.

Unclaimed super (also called ATO-held super) is different to lost super because it is sent to the ATO if your super fund can't contact you when you become eligible to receive your super, either when you turn 65 or when a benefit becomes payable. This includes amounts paid for you by employers, super funds, retirement savings accounts (RSA), or the government.

Generally, super will be transferred to the ATO for any of the following:

  • People aged over 65 who haven't updated their contact details with their super fund
  • The non-member spouse of the super fund member has received super (e.g. after divorce/separation) but hasn't claimed it
  • People who have died without listing a beneficiary on their account
  • People with a balance less than $6,000 who haven't had any account activity or contributions/benefit in 16 months or more
  • People who leave Australia without claiming their super (e.g. temporary residents).

To check whether you have unclaimed super - and claim it if you do - log in to your myGov account, then click on 'ATO'.

To find out whether your loved one who has died had any unclaimed super, it's best to contact the ATO directly.


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Easily find your super through myGov.

1. Australian Taxation Office, Lost and unclaimed super by postcode as at 30 June 2020, data released 18 March 2021, accessed on 23 March 2021.
2. Before you consolidate your super, you should check with your other super funds about any fees or loss of insurance or other benefits.