Super details to give to your employer

If you're an existing QSuper member, you can keep your account when you change jobs. To stay, give your new employer your QSuper details using one of the methods below.

Option 1
Use your employer's process

Your employer may give you a form to fill in or have an online portal where you can enter the following details to let them know you're with QSuper:

Fund name: Australian Retirement Trust

Trustee: Australian Retirement Trust Pty Ltd

ABN: 60 905 115 063

Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI): 60905115063001

Trustee: Australian Retirement Trust Pty Ltd is the trustee for Australian Retirement Trust

Your member number: Find this by logging in to Member Online, on your annual statement, or by calling us.

Letter of Compliance: This Letter of Compliance (pdf) confirms QSuper is part of Australian Retirement Trust, which is a complying and regulated superannuation fund.

Option 2
Email your details

You can get all of your QSuper details and our letter of compliance in an email through Member Online or the QSuper app.

Haven't logged into Member Online before? You'll need to register first.

Send my details

Blank form

If you're not registered for Member Online, download a blank form and enter your details.

Download blank form

Changing jobs and your super

What super details do you need to give to your new employer when you change jobs? Here's a few things to know at this exciting time.

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Yes, any Australian employer can contribute to your QSuper account. This means whether your new role is in the private or public sector, you can keep your QSuper account.

If you don't let your new employer know what super fund you are with, your employer needs to check with the ATO whether you have an existing super fund linked to you (a stapled super fund). If QSuper is your only super account, or if you work for a Queensland Government employer, your new employer will still pay your super to your QSuper account.

If you have a QSuper account but you have a different super fund stapled to you, your super would go to the stapled fund.

This means you could end up paying multiple fees to multiple funds, and make it harder for you to keep track of your money. If you do have more than one super fund, find out how to combine them.

You can always choose what super fund you want to join, or change funds at any time.

To check if your new employer is contributing to QSuper, log in to Member Online and check your transaction history. Keep in mind that different employers may make contributions at different times. Some employers pay every quarter, while others choose to make contributions more often.

If you haven't logged into Member Online before, you'll need to register first.

If you have our app, you can receive notifications when your employer makes their first contribution to your QSuper account.

Whether your super contributions will change depends on your new employer’s super arrangements.

While employers are usually only required to pay super at the current compulsory rate of 11%, it’s a good idea to check with your employer directly to make sure you are maximising your employer contributions. Some employers have special arrangements in place. For example, they may pay super at a higher rate, or will pay more if you make extra super contributions yourself.

The Queensland Government has changed how it pays super to many employees from 1 July 2023. Check your super arrangements with your employer.

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