Professional guidance about your QSuper account can give you the knowledge you need to make confident choices today. So you'll have the finances you need to live the life you want in the future.

If you already have a financial adviser, please contact them directly for advice about your super. If not, we're here to help.

Advice about your super

Part of your membership

Advice about your QSuper account is included with your membership.1

Superannuation specialists

QInvest advisers1 are qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals, who have been proudly serving members for over 25 years.


Get personal advice about your QSuper account at a time that suits you. With advice available online and over the phone, it's only a call or a few clicks away.

Online advice

Quickly and easily review your QSuper investment options, with personal advice online. Get advice and recommendations in just 5-10 minutes.

QSuper account advice

  • icon Review investment strategy
Access via Member Online

Over-the-phone advice

Make the most of your super, with professional guidance available over the phone.

QSuper account advice

  • icon Review investment strategy
  • icon Grow your super
  • icon Maximise super contributions
  • icon Access your super
  • icon Choose your insurance

QSuper retirement advice

  • iconPlan and fund your QSuper retirement
  • iconTransition to retirement
  • icon Manage your retirement income
  • icon Retirement review
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Bookings can also be made by calling QInvest on 1800 643 893.

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Understanding your advice options

Plan and fund your QSuper retirement

We can help you plan your transition to retirement or how you will fund your life after work using QSuper retirement income products. If you've already retired, review if you're on track.

Grow your super

An adviser can tell you about the most tax-effective way to add more to your super. As well as growing your super through regular contributions, you can get advice about one-off contributions, claiming a tax deduction, and using the First Home Super Saver Scheme.

Update your investment strategy

How your super is invested can have a big impact on what you'll have in retirement. Our online advice tool or a financial adviser can help you select the right blend of QSuper investment options for you.

Choose your QSuper insurance

An adviser can recommend an appropriate level of QSuper death, total and permanent disability (TPD), and income protection cover.

Connect with an adviser

A QInvest financial adviser is just a call or a few clicks away.

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Financial advice about more than your super

If you need advice about your whole financial situation, speak with your financial adviser, if you have one.

If you don’t have an adviser, we can connect you with one that meets your advice needs.

You can feel confident that your adviser understands your QSuper products and has a proven track record of helping their clients reach their financial goals.

To find out what type of advice would suit you, contact us today.

How to choose a financial adviser

What do they know?

Some financial advisers specialise in a certain area of financial or tax planning. ASIC’s Moneysmart website says once you have a short list of advisers, it's important to check their history, qualifications, and employment status before approaching them about getting advice.

How do they get paid?

You may want to ask how the adviser charges for their services, and whether there are ongoing service fees for regular reviews of your plan. You can also ask for a full list of which financial institutions the adviser has a financial relationship with, or whether they earn commissions for recommending certain products.

Do you trust them?

Moneysmart recommends asking the adviser to explain anything you don't understand. If you don't feel comfortable with an adviser, it's unlikely you'll feel comfortable following their advice.

What happens next?

With your permission, we can speak to your financial adviser about your super. Download our authority form (pdf) to set this up.

New to QSuper?

Members can access advice online or over the phone about their QSuper account.1 If you're eligible, open a QSuper account today.

1. QInvest Limited (ABN 35 063 511 580, AFSL 238274) is a separate legal entity responsible for the financial services it provides. Eligibility conditions apply. Refer to the Financial Services Guide (pdf) for more information.