Chant West 2021 Innovation Best Fund Winner

We know the importance of making your super last for the rest of your life. Our Lifetime Pension won both Chant West's1 and Pensions & Investments'2 Innovation Awards for 2021, for helping you feel more confident about enjoying retirement.

Why choose QSuper's Lifetime Pension

Made to last a lifetime

Income for life

Receive an income for the rest of your life, and the life of your spouse (if you've chosen the spouse protection option), no matter how long you live.

Spouse protection

You can choose to have payments continue to be paid to your spouse after you pass away, giving you the security of knowing they'll be financially supported in your absence.

Money-back protection

The Lifetime Pension is designed so that you receive your purchase price back in fortnightly payments, or the remainder goes to your beneficiaries once you pass away.3

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Compare the income you could receive in your first year with a QSuper Lifetime Pension using different purchase amounts.

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Retirement Calculator

Explore how a combination of different products may work for you over the course of your retirement.

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How our Lifetime Pension works

Here's what to expect when you choose QSuper's award-winning Lifetime Pension.


Purchase your Lifetime Pension

When you buy a Lifetime Pension, your requested purchase amount is transferred from your other QSuper super accounts, combined with the money of other Lifetime Pension members, and invested by QSuper.


Receive a potential retirement bonus

You may receive a bonus when you use money from a QSuper Accumulation account or Transition to Retirement (TTR) Income account to purchase a Lifetime Pension (if eligible).


Enjoy regular, tax-free payments

Tax-free payments will be made to your bank account each fortnight for the rest of your life.


Payments are designed to increase

Your payment amount will be adjusted each year on 1 July, to reflect the performance of the underlying investment of the pool and other factors such as fees and mortality experience. This means that while payments are expected to increase over time, they may go up or down.


Take advantage of Age Pension benefits

Not all of your money in a Lifetime Pension will be counted towards the government's income and assets tests. This means you could receive higher Age Pension payments than you may otherwise have qualified for.


Time to decide if it suits you

You have a cooling-off period of 6 months from when your QSuper Lifetime Pension starts to decide if it's right for you. After this time, the Lifetime Pension will be a permanent purchase.

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Couple carrying

How much you will be paid depends on:

  • Your purchase price
  • Whether you have the single or the spouse protection option
  • Your exact age in days when your Lifetime Pension starts (or if you have the spouse protection option, the age of the younger person)
  • When your Lifetime Pension starts during the financial year.

This table shows the annual payment amounts per $100,000 at the start of a Lifetime Pension, until the annual adjustment on 1 July each year. Your first-year payment amount will be a pro-rata amount according to when you purchased the product.

If you choose to have payments continue to be paid to your spouse when you pass away, the spouse protection rate will apply, based on the age of the younger person. You can't switch between the single and spouse protection rate once your Lifetime Pension has started. The amount you receive after the first year is subject to the annual adjustment based on the pool's financial results. Download the PDS for more information.

Payment amount at start of Lifetime Pension per year per $100,000

Starting age Single person rate Spouse protection option rate
60 $6,164 $5,707
61 $6,259 $5,776
62 $6,361 $5,850
63 $6,471 $5,930
64 $6,589 $6,015
65 $6,716 $6,107
66 $6,854 $6,206
67 $7,003 $6,312
68 $7,164 $6,427
69 $7,339 $6,550
70 $7,529 $6,684
71 $7,736 $6,830
72 $7,962 $6,987
73 $8,208 $7,159
74 $8,479 $7,346
75 $8,777 $7,551
76 $9,107 $7,775
77 $9,472 $8,021
78 $9,878 $8,291
79 $10,330 $8,590
80 $10,834 $8,920

Lifetime Pension + Retirement Income account

How QSuper's retirement solutions work together

QSuper's Lifetime Pension and Retirement Income account are designed to be used together for a complete retirement income solution.
Your retirement is unique to you – so you can decide how much of your super you'd like to allocate to each product.4

Build your own solution

Whether you want the flexibility of being able to withdraw extra money at any time from a Retirement Income account, or the peace of mind of receiving an income for life from a Lifetime Pension, you can tailor a retirement income solution to meet your individual needs.

Fund your retirement

In retirement, you may choose to use a combination of income from a Lifetime Pension and the Age Pension to pay for things like food, clothing, and electricity bills, while using income from a Retirement Income account to pay for the extra things like holidays, meals out, and entertainment.

Guidance and support

We’re committed to helping you make informed decisions about your future. As a QSuper member, you have access to exclusive member seminars and personal advice.

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