Best value for money

We've received several awards for providing the best value for our members, from their working life through to enjoying retirement.

We won Money magazine's Best Value MySuper Product for 2 years in a row.1

We're also honoured to have received SuperRatings' Smooth Ride award for our Balanced option delivering strong performance while smoothing the ups and downs of the market,2 and their 15-year Platinum rating.3

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Super Rating and Money Magazine awards
Australia's most awarded retirement account

Australia's most awarded retirement solutions

Our Income account has been named SuperRatings' Pension of the Year 4 years in a row,2 and Chant West's Pension Fund of the Year 5 times, most recently in 2020.4

Our Lifetime Pension won Chant West's Longevity Award for 20224 and Pensions & Investments'5 Innovation Awards for 2021, recognising how it helps our members feel more confident about enjoying their retirement. And our Lifetime Pension team were proud to take home the MAX award for Product Launch of the Year in 2021.

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We're highly rated

Both our Accumulation and Income accounts are regularly awarded the highest rating of 5 Apples by specialist research consultancy Chant West4 and a platinum rating from SuperRatings.3

We're highly rated

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Focused on strong returns

We seek out investments to grow your super savings and help maximise your retirement income.

Committed to lower fees

We're committed to returning profits to members as lower fees and better services.

Tools to feel on top

It's easy to take charge of your super with 24/7 access to your account through Member Online or the QSuper app.

Super you can trust

We have 140 years of combined experience helping members.