Changes to Queensland Government super

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Just like you, we have your clients’ best interests at heart – so we're committed to partnering with you to ensure our combined expertise results in the best possible outcomes for your clients. And since great minds think alike, we've merged for the good of our members.

Why QSuper?

As part of Australian Retirement Trust, we work hard to deliver financial security for our members, and have been proudly doing it for over 100 years.


Our unique investment strategy aims to smooth the ups and downs of the market, while providing consistent returns.

Forms, PDSs, & calculators

Forms to help you manage your client's account, and publications and calculators to make sure you are fully informed when speaking with them.


Whether your client is building for the future, easing into retirement, or enjoying life after work, we have superannuation solutions to suit each life stage.

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We're here to provide you with specialised support from real people, right here in Australia.


QSuper Client Summary

The QSuper Client Summary provides you with all the essential account details you need in one document. When we receive a valid Authority to Release Information form, we'll automatically send you a Client Summary for your client's account.

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