Superannuation accounts

Our superannuation accounts make planning your retirement simple - whatever your stage of life.

For everyone

Accumulation account

Our Accumulation account can help you save for retirement during your working years.

  • A default investment option that sets a strategy to suit your life stage
  • No fees to switch investments
  • Flexible insurance cover to protect you and your family.

Available for working Australians wanting to build for their future.

Retired or nearing retirement


Transition to Retirement Income account

The transition to retirement option for our award-winning Income account lets you access your super while you’re still working.

  • Reduce your hours without necessarily reducing your income with regular payments
  • Potential tax benefits as you ease into retirement
  • The flexibility to change your payment amounts and frequency online.

Available for those aged between 57 and 65 who are still working.

Retirement Income account

The retirement option for our award-winning Income account can turn your super into a regular income when you stop working.

  • A potential retirement bonus if you move from our Accumulation account or Transition to Retirement Income account
  • Tax-free investment earnings to maximise your savings
  • Flexible payment options and the ability to withdraw lump sums.

Available for those who have permanently retired and are able to access their superannuation.

Lifetime Pension

Our Lifetime Pension provides an income for the rest of your life, so you can enjoy confidence and security in retirement.

  • Purchase an income of tax-free payments for your life and then your spouse's life
  • Money-back protection so you get at least your purchase price in payments or a death benefit
  • Potential to receive higher Age Pension payments, and a potential retirement bonus.

Available for those aged 60-80 who have permanently retired and are able to access their superannuation.

Closed accounts


Defined Benefit account

Our Defined Benefit account was designed to provide Queensland Government workers with an amount that reflects their service to the state.

  • A retirement benefit calculated by using a formula
  • Not impacted by market movements
  • Other benefits such as income protection insurance, death benefit, or total and permanent disability benefit.

Closed to new members.

Comparing account types

Each of our account types has different features depending on your current life stage.

Account features AccumulationAccumulation Transition to RetirementTransition to Retirement Retirement IncomeRetirement Income Defined BenefitDefined Benefit
Choose your investment options tick tick tick cross
Available while still working tick tick cross tick
Tax-free investment returns cross cross tick dash
Available up to any age (subject to eligibility) tick cross tick cross
Insurance available with account tick cross cross tick
Able to change payment frequency and amount dash tick tick dash
Able to withdraw lump sums (if eligible)2 tick cross tick cross
Benefit calculated using a formula cross cross cross tick

1. Defined Benefit accounts are closed to new members.

2. Generally not available for TTR accounts, but members may be eligible to withdraw unrestricted, non-preserved amounts.

lifetime pension and retirement income account

Lifetime Pension PLUS Retirement Income account

Our Lifetime Pension is designed to work alongside our Retirement Income account for a complete retirement solution with the financial security of an income for life.

Use our retirement planning calculators to compare the income you could receive from a combination of Lifetime Pension and a Retirement Income account, or learn more about Lifetime Pension.

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