Forms for deposits, contributions, and transfers in

Consolidate with QSuper

It's easy to find and combine your super in one account, and it could save you time and money. (Use the PDF form to transfer from an SMSF.)


Make additional contributions to your account using online banking (BPAY®) or this form.

Downsizer Contribution into Superannuation

Make a downsizer contribution to your QSuper account by BPAY®, cheque, or money order.

Restart an Income Account

This will close your current Income account and open a new Income account with more money.

Split My Super Contributions with My Spouse

Transfer your eligible super contributions from your account into your spouse's account (QSuper accounts only).

Spouse Deposit

Contribute to your spouse's super. If they're not a QSuper member yet, we'll open an Accumulation account for them.

Start or Change Regular Contributions to Your Super

Start making voluntary contributions to your super from your pay, or change your current contribution rate.

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