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Market Watch

Market watch

Get the latest insights on our investment performance from Australian Retirement Trust Chief Economist Brian Parker.

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Sustainable investment report (pdf)

Read about Australian Retirement Trust's approach to sustainable investing and outcomes for the QSuper Socially Responsible option.


What's your risk profile?

Understanding how you feel about risk is important in choosing an investment strategy that works for you.


Going global

Find out how and why we invest in foreign currencies, and why we don't invest in Bitcoin.

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Tune in to our podcast

Our podcast series has information, tips, and strategies to help you make the most of your super and achieve your best retirement.

Investing and super

Make confident decisions about your super. Learning how investing works and where your super's invested is a great way to start taking more control over your future.

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Investment basics

Understand the essentials of investing, such as what asset classes are and how they work together, and the different types of investment risks.

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How we invest

Find out what your super's invested in, who looks after your investments, how we manage risks, and what we're doing about climate change.

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Your investment options

You can let us do all the work, take some control, or make all the decisions about where your super's invested. Find out how to choose what's right for you.

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Together it's more super

QSuper is now part of Australian Retirement Trust. It’s the QSuper you’ve always known, together with access to more investment opportunities, at a greater value.

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Member seminars
Take a deep dive into saving for retirement.

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Online learning
Find out more about managing money and investment basics.

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Investment Choice Guide (PDF)
Download our comprehensive guide about QSuper investment options.

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