More choice for you

Choose from a wide range of investment options that are aligned to your goals.

Managed by experts

The confidence to choose your own strategy knowing your investments are being managed by a team of experts.

Freedom to change

As your circumstances change, you have the freedom to switch between investment options at no cost.

Diversified investment options

A range of pre-mixed investment options that offer diversification across investment groups. You can choose one or more options that align to your goals.

Investment option Timeframe Total fee1 Risk
Moderate investment option icon Moderate More than 3 years 0.54% p.a. low risk   Low
Balanced investment option icon Balanced More than 5 years 0.83% p.a.  medium risk   Medium
socially responsible investment option icon Socially Responsible More than 5 years 1.06% p.a. high risk   High
Aggressive investment option icon Aggressive More than 10 years 0.89% p.a. medium high risk   Medium to high

Single Sector investment options

You can further diversify your portfolio by specifying exactly how much of your super is invested in a single investment group.

Investment option Timeframe Total fee1 Risk
Cash investment option icon Cash Less than 1 year 0.22% p.a.    Very Low
Bonds investment option icon Diversified Bonds More than 3 years 0.52% p.a.  low medium risk   Low to Medium
investment option icon International Shares
More than 10 years 0.24% p.a. very high risk   Very High
investment option icon Australian Shares More than 10 years 0.24% p.a. very high risk   Very High

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