Your investment needs will change over time, so you can leave your money in our default investment option that uses your age and account balance to set a more personalised investment strategy.

You're set for life
  • For Accumulation accounts only
  • Automatically adjusts to meet your stage in life
  • We set the investment strategy.
How it works

We’ve put together a number of different Lifetime groups, which relate to different ages and Lifetime balances. Each group is designed to meet a range of investment needs at different stages of life.

Diversified and Single Sector

Choose our performance-topping Balanced investment option,1 our Socially Responsible investment option, or any combination of the eight Diversified and Single Sector investment options available.

The choice is yours
  • For Accumulation and Income accounts
  • You can set your mix of cash, bonds and shares
  • Or choose from one of our pre‑mixed options.

Self Invest

Over 2,500 members take personal control of how their super is invested by using Self Invest. You can self-access different assets and market sectors with the support of enhanced research tools and expert analyst reports.

Get hands on
  • A real alternative to an SMSF
  • Access through Member Online
  • For Accumulation and Income accounts over $20,000.
A range of options

Invest your super directly in your choice of:

It’s an important choice

Sure, choosing an option for your super is easy as ticking a box. But it’s worth taking the time to have a think about what’s right for you before putting pen to paper. After all, it’s quite possibly the biggest investment you’ll ever make (and it’ll be one of your biggest assets in retirement).

Here are a few things to take into consideration:

  • how long your money will be invested for
  • what level of growth or stability you’re after
  • how involved you want to be in managing your super.

We offer a load of different options, so we’re confident you’ll find a super strategy that’s right for you.

What happens if you don’t make a choice?

If you have an Accumulation account and you don’t select an investment option, we’ll invest your super in Lifetime.

Lifetime uses a lifecycle approach to investment, which means it grows and changes as you do. So when you’re young, it’s more focused on growth, and as you approach retirement it switches your mix of investments for more stability. It’s a clever, hands-off option that’s designed to get the most from your retirement savings.

You can combine Lifetime with any of our other investment options.