QSuper Lifetime

Super that adapts and grows with you

We're launching a new investment option menu on 1 July 2024. Please visit the Info hub to learn how this affects Accumulation and Income accounts.

How QSuper Lifetime works

Lifetime is the only super investment option that automatically personalises your investment strategy based on your age and account balance, helping you get the most out of your super.


Suited to your life stage

When you’re younger and focussed on growing your balance, we’ll automatically put more emphasis on growth. When you’re nearing retirement, we’ll switch to a more stable strategy that protects your savings.

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Adapts to your balance

This option also considers your Lifetime account balance when setting your investment strategy. If you're nearing retirement with a low account balance, we'll make sure your super still has a chance to grow.

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A set and forget solution

Every 6 months, we'll assess your age and balance and, if needed, move your money to another Lifetime group. We take care of all that behind the scenes – which means you can rest easy.

Lifetime investment groups1

  • Lifetime

    Outlook (aged under 40)

    Outlook focuses on growth and aims to maximise your returns while you're still in a life stage where you can take on extra risk.

  • Lifetime

    Aspire (aged 40-49)

    Aspire focuses on growth, but depending on your Lifetime account balance, will have a more aggressive or conservative investment strategy.

  • Lifetime

    Focus (aged 50-57)

    Focus changes your investment strategy away from growth and more towards protecting your superannuation savings, based on your Lifetime account balance.

  • Lifetime

    Sustain (aged 58 or over)

    Sustain protects your savings as you near retirement. If you have a low account balance, our aim is to still give your super a chance to grow.

Lifetime group Your age Lifetime balance Cost of product for $50,0002 Risk
Under 40 Any balance $400 p.a.
40-49 Less than $50,000 $385 p.a.
40-49 $50,000 or more $355 p.a. Medium to high
50-57 Less than $100,000 $345 p.a. Medium to high
50-57 $100,000 to less than $250,000 $325 p.a.
50-57 $250,000 or more $310 p.a.
58 or over Less than $300,000 $280 p.a.
58 or over $300,000 or more $260 p.a. Low to medium