Authority to Release Information to a Financial Representative

Give your financial representative authority to access your account information.

Authority to Release Information: Personal Representative

Give authority to access your account information to your personal representative (e.g. spouse, parent, carer).

Cancel a Lifetime Pension

Use this form to cancel your Lifetime Pension within the 6-month cooling-off period.

Change of Details for Defined Pension

Update your payment details for your defined pension or tell us about any other changes to your defined pension.

Choose QSuper

Changing jobs? Give this completed form to your new employer so they can contribute to your QSuper account.

Declaration Regarding Full-time Study Attendance

If you're over 18 years old and receiving a child's pension, let us know the details of your full-time studies.

Details of Employment, Business, or Occupation

If you're on a QSuper ill-health pension, tell us any employment, business, or occupation you've had in the past 6 months.

Employer Certification of Employment Details for Defined Benefit Account Holders

Your employer needs to let us know your salary and contribution details after you leave or change employment type.

Family Law Declaration and Request for Information

Request information about a QSuper member's account for preparing your family law super agreement or court order.

Lost Member Advice

To unlock and reactivate your account after we've been unable to contact you, please let us know your contact details.

Make a Binding Death Benefit Nomination

Let us know who should receive your super when you die. It's easiest to fill in this form online, then print it for signing.

Non-Member Spouse Information Collection

To receive a super split amount from a QSuper member under family law, give us your details and we'll take care of the rest.

Notice of Intent to Claim or Vary a Tax Deduction for Personal Super Contributions (S290-170)

Claim a tax deduction for any personal (after-tax) super contributions you've made in the past financial year.

Open an Accumulation Account

Application form contained within the PDS for our Accumulation account.

Open a Retirement Income Account and/or Lifetime Pension

Application form contained within the PDS for our suite of retirement products.

Open a Transition to Retirement Income Account

Application form contained within the PDS for our suite of retirement products.

Tax File Number Declaration (under age 60 only)

Only use this form if you're under 60 and starting or restarting an Income account or making an income protection claim. We then know how much tax to withhold from your payments.

Surcharge Debt Payment

Use this guide and form to pay off your surcharge debt by EFTPOS, cheque, or money order.

Tax File Number Notification

Provide your tax file number (TFN) so we can accept contributions to your account.

Update an Income Account and/or Lifetime Pension

Update your account or payment details for your Income account and/or Lifetime Pension.