We're launching a new investment option menu and changing how we charge admin fees from 1 July 2024. See the May product update (pdf) for more info.

The less you pay in fees on your super account, the more you could have for your future.

We're committed to returning profits to members as lower fees and better services, and our members don't pay any switching fees.

Annual fee cap

If you pay more than $875 a year in administration fees and costs,1 we'll refund the difference so more money can go towards your retirement savings.

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You'll only pay fees and costs for the investment option(s) your super's invested in.

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Our Accumulation and Income accounts get top ratings. And our Balanced option's recognised for giving the best value for money to help you meet your retirement goals.

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Fee structure

The cost of product (or the total amount you pay per year), is made up of administration fees and investment fees and costs, and transaction costs. Investment fees and costs also include performance fees, which may change depending on how your investments perform.

Admin fees and costs
Investment fees and costs (incl. performance fees)
Transaction costs
Cost of product (per year)

Administration fees and costs

Our admin fees help to cover the cost of managing and running the fund, so we can continue providing you with award-winning products and services.

We charge a percentage fee of 0.15% p.a. of your account balance. This fee is calculated daily and we take it from your investment returns. In addition, we take a percentage fee of approx. 0.07% p.a. paid directly from our general reserves,2 not your account.

From your account
0.15% p.a
From general reserves 2
0.07% p.a

Investment fees and transaction costs

We charge investment fees and costs to manage each investment option. These include performance fees. Learn more about our fees in the FAQs below.

Transaction costs include stamp duty, brokerage, and settlement and clearing costs. Read the QSuper Investment Guide (pdf) for more information.

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Keep in mind the actual investment fees and costs and transaction costs shown in our Annual Report or your annual statement may be higher or lower than the forecasts in the tables below, depending on how your investments perform.


QSuper Lifetime

Our default option changes your investment strategy automatically, as your age and Lifetime account balance changes. You don't have to lift a finger – we take care of your super for you. Learn more.

Lifetime group Investment fees and costs (p.a.) Transaction costs (p.a.) Total (p.a.)
0.50% 0.08% 0.58%
0.47% 0.08% 0.55%
0.42% 0.07% 0.49%
0.40% 0.07% 0.47%
0.37% 0.06% 0.43%
0.35% 0.05% 0.40%
0.29% 0.05% 0.34%
0.26% 0.04% 0.30%
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Your choice

Diversified and single sector

Choose from a range of investment options that are aligned to your goals. Our diversified options are ready-made investment options that invest in a few different things at once. Our single sector options are separate investment groups you can mix and match to suit your risk profile and individual needs. Learn more.

Investment option Investment fees and costs (p.a.) Transaction costs (p.a.) Total (p.a.)
0.28% 0.05% 0.33%
0.48% 0.08% 0.56%
0.41% 0.14% 0.55%
0.49% 0.08% 0.57%
Single sector
0.06% 0.00% 0.06%
0.41% 0.06% 0.47%
0.07% 0.01% 0.08%
0.07% 0.01% 0.08%
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Breaking it down further

We aim to keep our fees and costs simple and transparent, so you understand what you're paying.

Here's what you could expect to pay if you invested $50,000 in the QSuper Lifetime Outlook option at the beginning of the year.

fees and costs
$110 (0.15% p.a. + 0.07% p.a.)
fees and costs (incl. performance fees)
$250(0.50% p.a.)
$40(0.08% p.a.)
Cost of product
(per year)


Additional fees may apply. If you have insurance, premiums will apply.

The above is an example of annual fees and costs for the QSuper Lifetime Outlook option. The investment fees and costs include an estimate of 0.18% for performance fees. The example is illustrative only and based on the assumptions listed. The actual amount of fees and costs can vary depending on your investment option and other factors. See the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) for full details.

A portion of the administration fees and costs (0.07% p.a.) are paid from our general reserves. This means that in the $50,000 example above, $35 will be taken from our general reserves, not your account.

Investment fees and costs and transaction costs vary depending on which investment options you choose. See the relevant PDS for full details.

Other fees and costs

Advice about your super is one of our many services included in your membership. However, some of our other products and services may come with extra costs.

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No fees for Defined Benefit accounts

If you have a Defined Benefit account, you don't pay fees and costs, as this is covered by your employer.

However, if you have additional insurance cover, you'll pay insurance premiums as well as the fees and costs outlined above from your Accumulation account. Find out more.

Fees FAQs Show all Hide all

Investment fees and costs (including performance fees) may change depending on how your investments perform.

When we show performance fees in your annual statement, we show the performance fees for the financial year. In our product disclosure statement (PDS) and website, we show estimated performance fees, which are an average of the last 5 financial years.

This means there's a difference between the actual numbers on your annual statement and the estimated numbers in our PDS and website.

Read the product disclosure statement (PDS) or the FAQ below for more information on performance fees.

We charge administration fees to help cover the cost of running the fund. By charging administration fees and costs, we're able to provide you with award-winning products and services.

If your Accumulation and/or Income account balance is under $6,000, your fees (including all admin and investment fees and costs, and transaction costs) are capped at 3% of your account balance. We'll refund to you any amount already charged above the cap.

We charge investment fees and costs (including performance fees) to manage each investment option.

We deduct investment fees and costs daily from the unit prices, not your account. For more information on unit prices, download the QSuper Investment Guide (pdf).

Performance fees are included in your investment fees and costs. We have them in place because we believe they encourage our investment managers to try to deliver outperformance.

While we pay performance fees to some of our external investment managers when they outperform an agreed performance target, if the managers underperform and targets are not met, then no performance fee is earned. As a result, the amount paid in performance fees can change from year to year, depending on how our investments perform.

In our product disclosure statement (PDS), we're required to show you an idea of what you might pay in performance fees. These performance fee estimates are an average of the last 5 financial years. This means the actual investment fees shown on your annual statement or our Annual Report may be higher or lower than what's in the PDS or on our website.

Transaction costs are different for each investment option. Examples of transaction costs include:

  • Settlement and clearing costs: These are charged by a stock exchange that we trade assets through.
  • Stamp duty: This is charged by the government if we transfer land or property ownership as part of our investment strategy.
  • Brokerage: This is charged by an agent or an agent's company to manage services such as purchases, sales, or advice on investment transactions.

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We're committed to returning profits to members as better services and lower fees.

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1. Note that this annual administration fee cap only applies to administration fees and does not include costs met from reserves. Read the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) for more details.

2. We maintain a general reserve to help meet our operating expenses and help manage operational risks. We hold the fees we deduct from you to administer your account within the general reserve. Costs met from this reserve represent the operating expenses that are more than the administration fees we collect from members within the financial year. We estimated this amount to be 0.07% for the year ending 30 June 2023.