We believe in keeping fees low

We believe in keeping things simple and protecting your super from unnecessary charges. In fact, our fees are among the lowest in the country.1 Our members don't pay any transaction or switching fees, unless you choose direct trading in Self Invest.

No transaction or switching fees

  • $0 - Fixed weekly fees
  • $0 - Investment switching fees
  • $0 - Withdrawal fees
  • $0 - Buy-sell spread fees

Annual fee cap

We have an annual cap of $900 on our administration fees, so more money can go towards your retirement savings. Find out more.

Helpful tip

You'll only pay fees for the investment option/s your super is invested in.

Best value for money

We've received several awards for providing the best value for our members, from their working life through to enjoying retirement.

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QSuper Lifetime total fees

Our industry-leading investment option adjusts your investment strategy automatically, as your age and account balance changes. You don't have to lift a finger - we take care of your super for you.

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    Total fee = Administration fee + Investment fee + Indirect costs.
  • Lifetime icon

    Age: Under 40

    Balance: Any balance

    0.81% p.a.

  • Lifetime icon
    Aspire 1

    Age: 40-49

    Balance: Less than $50,000

    0.72% p.a.

  • Lifetime icon
    Aspire 2

    Age: 40-49

    Balance: $50,000 or more

    0.72% p.a.

  • Lifetime icon
    Focus 1

    Age: 50-57

    Balance: Less than $100,000

    0.63% p.a.

  • Lifetime icon
    Focus 2

    Age: 50-57

    Balance: $100,000 to less than $250,000

    0.63% p.a.

  • Lifetime icon
    Focus 3

    Age: 50-57

    Balance: $250,000 or more

    0.63% p.a.

  • Lifetime icon
    Sustain 1

    Age: 58 or over

    Balance: Less than $300,000

    0.47% p.a.

  • Lifetime icon
    Sustain 2

    Age: 58 or over

    Balance: $300,000 or more

    0.47% p.a.

Your choice

Diversified and single sector total fees

You can mix and match from a range of investment options that are aligned to your goals. And if you change your mind later, don't worry - there's no fee to switch investment options.


    Diversified means this option invests in a pre-mixed range of assets for diversification.


    Total fee = Administration fee + Investment fee + Indirect costs.
  • 0.47% p.a.

  • 0.70% p.a.

  • 0.49% p.a.

  • 0.78% p.a.


    Single Sector means this option invests in one type of investment (a single asset class).


    Total fee = Administration fee + Investment fee + Indirect costs.
  • 0.22% p.a.

  • 0.65% p.a.

  • 0.26% p.a.

  • 0.24% p.a.

Understanding total fees

We aim to keep our fees simple and transparent, so our total fee is what you pay - with no surprises.

Total fee = Admin fee + Investment fee + Indirect costs

Our total fee includes your administration fee, investment fees, and indirect cost ratio. This makes calculating our fees easy.

More about our total fee

How to estimate your fees

Take the total fee above and multiply it by your balance. Our example below shows how to calculate your fee for our Balanced option.


$50,000 x

Total Fee
0.007 (0.70%) =

What you pay



$350 QSuper annual fee


$610 Average annual fee

SuperRatings Fundamentals Report, 31 August 2021. For the QSuper Balanced option.3

Fees for other services

If you use some of our special services, there may be a cost for this. Besides finding a super fund with low fees, learn what else to look for when comparing the best super funds in Australia.

Insurance icon

No fees for Defined Benefit accounts

If you have a Defined Benefit account, you do not pay fees, as this is covered by your employer. However, if you have additional insurance cover, these insurance premiums will be deducted from your attached QSuper Accumulation account each month. Find out more.

Profit for members
We focus on turning profits into better services and lower fees for members.

We're part of one of Australia's oldest and largest super funds,4 and our members have come first for over 100 years. You can be assured the fees you pay are going towards your best interests, not someone else's.


$133 billion in funds under administration


Over 100 years of helping members


620,000 QSuper members and counting

Super you can trust. With more than 620,000 members and $133 billion in funds under administration,5 we've helped our members feel good about their super for more than 100 years.

Low fees benefit members

With a QSuper account, your super won't be eaten up by fees, and we're profit-for-members. If you're eligible to become a member, it only takes 10 minutes to apply online.

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1. Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey, March 2021. © Zenith CW Pty Ltd ABN 20 639 121 403 (Chant West), Authorised Representative of Zenith Investment Partners Pty Ltd ABN 27 103 132 672, AFSL 226872 under AFS Representative Number 1280401, 2021. The Chant West data is based on information provided by third parties that is believed to be accurate. Chant West does not issue, sell, guarantee, or underwrite this product. The findings are based on account balances of $25,000 and $50,000. Only administration and investment fees and costs are covered. Fees are gross of income tax. Go to www.chantwest.com.au for further information about the methodology used and Chant West's Financial Services Guide. For the QSuper investment options: Lifetime option Focus 1, Aggressive, Balanced, and Moderate. This ranking was achieved before QSuper became part of Australian Retirement Trust on 28 February 2022. As the features of this product remain the same, this ranking still applies.

2. Figure updated on 26 July 2021 using the latest data available.

3. The annual fee for QSuper's Balanced option is made up of the investment fee, indirect cost ratio, and admin fee (%p.a.), which are based on the fees and costs for the financial year ended 30 June 2021. The total fees and any other applicable fees are deducted daily from the unit price before the unit price is declared, and may differ from future fees and costs. The average super fund annual fee is modelled on a small ($500K) employer size and is sourced from SuperRatings Fundamentals Reports, 31 August 2021. SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee, or underwrite this product. The rating is issued by SuperRatings Pty Ltd ABN 95 100 192 283 AFSL 311880 (SuperRatings). Ratings are general advice only and have been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Consider your personal circumstances, read the product disclosure statement and seek independent financial advice before investing. The rating is not a recommendation to purchase, sell or hold any product. Past performance information is not indicative of future performance. Ratings are subject to change without notice and SuperRatings assumes no obligation to update. SuperRatings uses objective criteria and receives a fee for publishing awards. Visit superratings.com.au for ratings information and to access the full report. © 2022 SuperRatings. All rights reserved. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. These findings were made before QSuper became part of Australian Retirement Trust on 28 February 2022. As the fee structure of the product remains the same, this ranking still applies.

4. Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), Annual Fund-level Superannuation Statistics , June 2020 edition (reissued 26 March 2021) for assets.

5. Funds under administration as at 30 June 2021. These net assets include QSuper retirement funds and employer-sponsor receivables for Defined Benefit members managed and held by Queensland Treasury.