Claiming a Terminal Medical Condition Benefit (pdf)

Find out how to claim your super and insurance benefit if you have a terminal illness.

Consolidating Your Super With QSuper (pdf)

Find out how to combine your super in one account. It's easy, and it could save you time and money.

Declaration of Income for Ill Health Pensioners (pdf)

On an ill-health pension, you need to tell us about any other income you receive every 6 months.

Departing Temporary Resident (pdf)

How and when temporary residents leaving Australia permanently can claim their money.

Downsizer Contribution (pdf)

Find out what the downsizer contribution is and how it works.

Early Release of Superannuation Benefits due to Severe Financial Hardship (pdf)

How you may be able to access your super early due to severe financial hardship.

Family Law Legislation (pdf)

Find out what happens to your super during a divorce or separation.

How to Claim or Vary a Tax Deduction for Contributions (pdf)

Find out how to claim a tax deduction for after-tax contributions you've made to your super.

How to Transfer Your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) to QSuper (pdf)

Find out how to transfer some or all of your SMSF money to QSuper.

Insurance in Super Key Facts Sheet for Queensland Government and default employers (pdf)

Learn about automatic insurance in a QSuper Accumulation account if you work for the Queensland Government or a QSuper default employer.

Insurance in Super Key Facts Sheet (pdf) 

Learn about automatic insurance in a QSuper Accumulation account if you applied directly to open a QSuper account.

Leaving Employment (pdf)

How to bring your QSuper account to a new job, and what happens to your super when you retire.

Lifetime Pension (pdf)

How our Lifetime Pension works, including the benefits, cooling-off period, and capital access schedule.

Lost Members (pdf)

Find out when lost super is sent to the ATO, how to prevent lost super, and how to get it back.

Parental leave and your super (pdf)

Find out how taking parental leave may impact your insurance with us.

Proving Your Identity (pdf)

Find out how to prove your identity and check who can certify copies of your identification documents.

Redundancy and Your Super (pdf)

Find out about redundancy payments and what happens to your super and insurance if you receive a redundancy.

Resignation and Retirement: Your options for your Defined Benefit account (pdf)

Find out what happens to your Defined Benefit account when you resign or retire.

Retirement: Your State or Police account options (pdf)

Find out what happens to your State or Police account when you retire.

Superannuation Co-contribution (pdf)

Find out what the super co-contribution from the government is and who is eligible to receive it.

Tax Explanation (pdf)

Find out what tax you pay on superannuation investment earnings, withdrawals, and extra contributions.

Tele-interviews (pdf)

Find out how to prepare for your confidential interview about your health for insurance purposes.

Transfer of Overseas Pension Funds (pdf)

Find out when and how you can transfer money from your overseas pension to your QSuper account.

Voluntary Medical Retirement (pdf)

Find out how a voluntary medical retirement from the Queensland Government would affect your super.

VPP (Closed) Investment Option (pdf)

If you have some of your super invested in the closed VPP option, find out how it is invested.