The way you withdraw your super at retirement can have an impact on how long your money will last, so it's important to choose what's right for you. There are ways to draw on your retirement savings to fund your lifestyle, while keeping the benefits of investing in super.

Ways to withdraw your super

There are ways to keep your super working, even if you're not. Keep in mind, unless you are over 65 years of age, there are rules around when you can access your super.

Get a regular payment

Pay yourself an income with our award-winning Retirement Income account.

  • Turn your super into income
    Choose your income payments to suit the retirement lifestyle you want.

  • Save on tax
    Maximise your savings with tax-free investment earnings.

  • Money for now and later
    Get paid today, and the rest of your money in your Retirement Income account could continue to grow.

Make one-off withdrawals

Make withdrawals from your savings – as much as you need, whenever you want.

  • Easy access to your money
    Pay off some debt or take a holiday. Get access to your super when you need it.

  • Stay invested
    By leaving the rest of your savings invested in super, your retirement savings could continue to grow.

Not ready to retire? Access your super while you're still working.

As you get closer to retirement, you might decide to ease into it gradually with part-time work or use your last few years in the workforce to build your super balance. You may be able to do this by having an QSuper Accumulation account open for contributions, while supplementing your reduced income with payments from your QSuper Transition to Retirement Income account.

How super withdrawals are taxed

Depending on your age, your withdrawals and payments may be taxed. Learn more about how your super is taxed.

What else to consider

  • Lump sum withdrawals and payments from your super could also impact any government benefits, such as the Age Pension, you are receiving.
  • It pays to get personal financial advice on which withdrawal option is right for you to help maximise your super in retirement.