Your cover, your way

We know life is constantly changing. One minute you might be changing jobs or changing addresses, the next you might find yourself changing nappies. And as your situation changes, your needs are likely to change too. Which is why we’ve enhanced the insurance we offer our Accumulation account members so it's more flexible than ever before.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or have kids, make having the right life insurance an important part of your overall financial picture.

And part of having the right cover is having the choice to hold different amounts of death cover and/or total and permanent disability (TPD) cover. Another part is being able to personalise your income protection cover by changing your waiting or benefit payment period, or the amount of your income you’re covered for. You can do this and more with our insurance cover. What's more, when you receive default cover with us you can feel confident you're covered because we don't have pre-existing condition exclusions if you meet our eligibility criteria.

Cover you can change

Here's how you can personalise your insurance cover:

  • Apply for a fixed level of both death cover and TPD cover (if you’re under age 60).
  • Hold death cover and TPD cover separately, so you can choose to have just one or the other, or both but with different amounts of cover – it’s entirely up to you.
  • Choose to be occupationally rated, which could change your premium.
  • Change the amount of income protection cover you hold.
  • Change your income protection waiting period and benefit period (excluding Police)

Also, if you have insurance cover with another provider, you may be eligible to transfer your cover to QSuper by using the Application to transfer my life insurance form. 

Want to know more about our new insurance? Check out our insurance brochure or head to the Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for detailed information on the changes and the important terms and conditions. You can also have a read of our insurance frequently asked questions for more ins and outs.

Most of us need a helping hand to work out how much cover we actually need, so be sure to have a play on our Insurance Needs Calculator if you’re thinking about personalising your cover or at any time your circumstances change.

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