QSuper fees breakdown

The cost of managing your account is split into administration fees, investment fees, and indirect costs. We calculate and take the fees and costs out before we declare the unit price, every working day.

Investment option Administration fee p.a.1 Investment base fee p.a.1 Investment performance-based fee p.a.1 Indirect cost ratio p.a.1 Total fee p.a.1
Lifetime Outlook (age under 40) 0.16% 0.33% 0.12% 0.13% 0.74%
Lifetime Aspire (age 40 to 49) 0.16% 0.27% 0.09% 0.11% 0.63%
Lifetime Focus (age 50 to 57) 0.16% 0.23% 0.07% 0.09% 0.55%
Lifetime Sustain (age 58 and over)


0.17% 0.04% 0.05% 0.42%
Moderate 0.16% 0.18% 0.05% 0.05% 0.44%
Balanced 0.16% 0.28% 0.10% 0.10% 0.64%
Socially Responsible 0.16% 0.22% 0.02% 0.05% 0.45%
Aggressive 0.16% 0.31% 0.10% 0.12% 0.69%
Cash 0.16% 0.06% 0.00% 0.00% 0.22%
Diversified Bonds 0.16% 0.16% 0.00% 0.19% 0.51%
International Shares 0.16% 0.07% 0.00% 0.01% 0.24%
Australian Shares 0.16% 0.07% 0.00% 0.00% 0.23%

Administration fee

QSuper's capped administration fee covers the general cost of managing your super.

This includes the cost of our in-house Contact Centre, education seminars, over-the-phone advice, as well as the many systems and processes that support the award-winning products we provide our members.

Investment fee

QSuper's investment fees cover the cost of managing your investments. They are made up of:

  • Investment base fee – to manage the investment groups within each investment option.
  • Investment performance fee – made to investment managers for generating positive returns on their investment groups.

Indirect cost ratio

QSuper's indirect costs are additional costs that are not included in the original investment fees. Some examples include brokerage and stamp duty, as well as some of the specific operational costs involved with managing your investments.

Our annual administration fee cap means more money for you

While fees are necessary to cover the cost of managing your money, QSuper has an annual cap on administration fees.2 If you ever pay more than $900 a year, we'll refund the difference in July of the following financial year as a rebate – meaning more money towards your retirement.

More about the fee cap rebate

  • You will only be eligible to receive the rebate if you still hold an Accumulation or Income account at the time the rebate is paid. There may also be a tax adjustment deducted from the rebate.
  • If you're eligible for an administration fee cap rebate of more than $25, we'll contact you with all the details. It will also appear on your annual statement and in the account history/transactions section of Member Online.
  • If the value of the administration fee cap rebate is 5% or more of your balance, it will count towards your concessional contributions cap. Find out more.
QSuper Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Refer to the QSuper Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for more information about the fees and costs you may be charged.

Accumulation and Income account fees

Fees Amount
Member fee Nil
Contribution fee Nil
Administration fee 0.16%
Deducted each day before the unit price is declared.
Investment fee Deducted each day before the unit price is declared. View full details.
Buy-sell spread Nil
Investment switching fee Nil
(Unlimited switches p.a.)
Benefit payment fee Nil
Exit fee Nil
Family splitting fee Nil
Partial rollover fee Nil

Self Invest option fees

Self Invest Fees
Access fee $299 per annum (pro rata), calculated daily and deducted monthly.
Cash management fee 0.40% p.a. calculated based on your daily transaction account balance and deducted before your return is declared.
Brokerage fee

Order value

up to $10,000
$10,001 - $27,500
$27,501 +

Fee per trade3

$46.50 plus 0.11% for amounts over $27,500

ETF management fees ETF management fees are deducted by the ETF manager before the return of the underlying ETF investment is declared. View full details.