Investment option Total p.a. Total $ p.a. per ^ $10,000 Administration fee p.a. Investment base fee p.a. Investment performance fee p.a.
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Lifetime Outlook 0.79% $79 0.20% 0.43% 0.16%
Moderate 0.51% $51 0.20% 0.23% 0.08%
Balanced 0.75% $75 0.20% 0.40% 0.15%
Socially Responsible 0.89% $89 0.20% 0.69% 0.00%
Aggressive 0.77% $77 0.20% 0.41% 0.16%
Cash 0.26% $26 0.20% 0.06% 0.00%
Diversified Bonds 0.46% $46 0.20% 0.15% 0.11%
International Shares 0.27% $27 0.20% 0.07% 0.00%
Australian Shares 0.27% $27 0.20% 0.07% 0.00%

* These are the estimated fees for the 2016/2017 financial year and actual fees for the 2015/2016 financial year. Past fees should not be taken as an indication of future fees, as each year the expenses of managing QSuper's investment options may vary. Our fees are not negotiable.

^ Based on an account balance of your selection. The default is set at $10,000

Nobody likes fees. Which is why we like to keep ours low. In fact, our administration and investment management fees are amongst the lowest of any super fund in Australia1. It’s also worth pointing out that we don’t charge any entry or exit fees either, and we never pay commissions.

It’s all good news for your super account. Lower fees means more money in your account, accumulating over time to build a bigger fund for your retirement. 

Accumulation and Income accounts

The cost of managing your account is split into administration fees and investment fees. We take the fees out of the unit price every day, before we declare the unit price.

Here’s a little more detail about each fee.

1. Investment fee

This fee is used to cover costs that relate to investing your super into assets. It’s made up of:

a)  Investment base fee – to pay the investment managers who manage the assets within each investment option

b)  Investment performance fee – to pay those same investment managers when they deliver an investment return over and above an agreed return rate (a performance bonus in other words).

2. Administration fee

This fee is used to cover all the costs of managing your super. We’ve put an annual cap on this fee of $1,0002, so it never gets out of hand. If you do pay administration fees above this amount, they’ll be refunded to your account in July of the following financial year. To be eligible to receive the rebate you must be a member at the time it is paid.

There are no other account management  fees

Ok, so it’s probably a little cheeky putting in a list of fees that don’t actually exist. But the truth is, some other superannuation funds do charge these fees and we think it’s important to understand what you won’t be paying (as well as what you will) when you have your super with us.

Fee Amount
Withdrawal fee
The fee on each amount you take out of your investment
Exit fee
The fee to close your investment
Investment switching fee
The fee for changing investment options

If you get personal financial advice through QInvest, and you choose to pay for the service through your QSuper Accumulation account, then you’ll pay an advice fee.

More about the advice fee and structure.

These are technically not really fees, but it makes sense to explain them here. Premiums for insurance cover will be deducted from your account, unless you’ve chosen to opt out of insurance coverage.

More about insurance coverage and premiums.

Defined Benefit accounts are based on a formula, so fees, insurance costs and investment returns don’t directly affect your benefit. The exception is if you’ve bought additional insurance cover. These premiums are calculated as a weekly cost per unit of insurance, and deducted from your attached Accumulation account each month.

If you are invested in the Self Invest option, there’s a separate set of fees.

More about Self Invest fees.

1. SuperRatings Fundamentals report as at January 2014. SuperRatings Pty Ltd (ABN 95 100 192 283 AFSL 311880) is an independently owned superannuation assessment and ratings organisation.
2. QSuper's administration fee went down to 0.20% from 0.22% on 1 July 2015. QSuper's administration fee cap went down to $1,000 from $1,540 on 1 July 2015.
We take care to make sure our projections are reasonable. But due to the nature of the investment and performance fee components, these projections are estimates only. The actual amount you’ll be charged depends upon a number of factors, such as returns and timing of contributions and withdrawals.