QSuper Lifetime in a nutshell

Lifetime is based on a simple philosophy – your super investment strategy should change as you get older, and as you accumulate more money.

What’s great about Lifetime is that everything’s automated, so you don’t need to make adjustments to your super as things change.

It works like this. We’ll place you in one of our investment groups (there are eight in total), which has an investment strategy linked to your age and Lifetime balance. Twice a year (May and November) we’ll reassess your situation, and move you into another group if things have changed.

When you’re younger, we’ll put more emphasis on growth. When you’re nearing retirement, we’ll switch to a more stable strategy that protects your savings.

It’s a clever way to make sure you get the most out of your super, at every stage in your life.

Lifetime groups

Lifetime is our default investment option for Accumulation accounts. Your super will be automatically placed in the Lifetime group that reflects your situation right now.

We review your Lifetime group every six months.

Group name Your age Lifetime balance Objective * Risk #
Outlook Under 40 Any balance CPI + 4.5% Medium to high 5 out of 7
Aspire 1 40-49 Less than $50,000 CPI + 4.5% Medium to high 5 out of 7
Aspire 2 40-49 $50,000 or more CPI + 4.0% Medium to high 5 out of 7
Focus 1 50-57 Less than $100,000 CPI + 4.0% Medium 4 out of 7
Focus 2 50-57 $100,000 to less than $250,000 CPI + 3.75% Medium 4 out of 7
Focus 3 50-57 $250,000 or more CPI + 3.5% Medium 4 out of 7
Sustain 1 58 or over Less than $300,000 CPI + 2.5% Low 2 out of 7
Sustain 2 58 or over $300,000 or more CPI + 2.0% Very low 1 out of 7
* All objectives are after fees and tax, measured over rolling 10-year periods.
# Standard risk measure
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