When does my insurance start?

At QSuper, we recognise that super makes up just one part of your overall financial picture. Another very important part of this picture is insurance and, as a QSuper member, you also have access to our various insurance options – all designed to provide you with security and peace of mind throughout your life, and vital support if you ever need to call on it.

Eligible members get death insurance and total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance automatically, and many also get automatic income protection cover (and those that don’t get it automatically can often apply for it).

So when does your QSuper insurance start? It's pretty straightforward.

If you become a QSuper member because you start working for the Queensland Government or a default employer, your default insurance cover starts on the day your job starts.

If you become a member because one of the following happens you will receive death and TPD cover on the day your account is opened:

  • you open an account not through your employer, (and we’ve received money into your account)
  • you have an account opened through a family law split
  • you are an Income account member and an Accumulation account is opened for you after you make an additional contribution or consolidate funds from another super account to QSuper.

Income protection cover is not provided automatically but you can apply for new or additional cover through Member Online, by completing the Change of Insurance form, or calling us and the cover will start on the day we accept your insurance application.

Please refer to our Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for further information on terms, conditions and eligibility.