When does Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance cease?

To be eligible to receive default death and total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance cover with QSuper, and apply for additional cover, you must first meet two basic requirements:

  • have to be over the age of 16
  • have a QSuper Accumulation Account
  • be an Australian resident.

There are various circumstances when your QSuper death cover and TPD cover would end.

These are:

  • you're no longer a QSuper member
  • you no longer hold an Accumulation account
  • you cancel your cover (the later of the date requested or date received by QSuper)
  • you're no longer an Australian resident
  • you turn 65 for TPD cover (60 if you're a police officer), or 70 for death cover (60 if you're a police officer)
  • when we haven’t received a contribution from you in 12 months, and your Accumulation account balance has fallen below $5,000 (you can stop this by permanently opting in to cover) 
  • the date a TPD benefit or terminal illness benefit is paid
  • if the full amount of your monthly premium remains outstanding
  • 120 days after cover starting if the full amount of the premiums due remain unpaid (cover is cancelled from date of inception) 
  • if you are a State or Police account member, the date your Accumulation account balance would reduce to less than the prescribed percentage
  • the date the insurance policy terminates
  • upon your death.

Please note that in addition to any pre-existing conditions, pre-existing exclusion periods and other exclusions applicable, there are other times when a benefit may not be payable. Please refer to the Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for further details.

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