Can I transfer my insurance from another Fund?

You may be able to transfer across existing death cover, total and permanent disability (TPD) cover and income protection cover from another insurer or super fund.

The maximum of death cover and TPD cover you can transfer to QSuper is $1 million and the maximum income protection cover is a $20,000 per month benefit. However the cover you transfer in, together with any existing cover, cannot exceed QSuper’s maximum cover limit or maximum monthly benefit limit. 

If you transfer in units of death cover or TPD cover it will be converted to units of cover and rounded up to the nearest equivalent number of units. If you apply to transfer in a fixed amount of death cover or TPD cover, we will convert all your cover to fixed cover. 

Any income protection cover you request to transfer in will be converted to units of cover and rounded up to the nearest equivalent number of units

All your cover will be charged premiums at your occupational rating

The waiting period of the transferred cover will be matched to an equivalent or nearest longest waiting period offered by us (e.g. a 45 day waiting period will become a 60 day waiting period). The minimum waiting period will be accrued sick leave or 30 days whichever is greater. 

The benefit period will be matched to an equivalent or nearest lower benefit period offered by us (except in the case of a two year benefit period, which will be converted to three years). 

Any salary based income protection cover that you already hold with QSuper will also be converted to units and rounded up to the nearest $500. The waiting period will be changed to match the waiting period that we apply to your transferred in income protection cover. The benefit period will also change to match the transferred income protection cover. 

Where your existing income protection cover does not have the same benefit period or cover expiry age as the cover being transferred in, our insurer may offer transfer in cover on terms at its discretion.

If you are a Queensland police officer, the benefit period and waiting period will be the same as that which applies to your current insurance with QSuper.

Terms and conditions that apply for all three types (death, TPD and income protection) of cover:

  • There will be no pre-existing exclusion period on the transferred in cover, unless you had a pre-existing exclusion period on the cover you are transferring in. Any pre-existing exclusion period on your existing QSuper cover will be unchanged
  • if there were any exclusions on the cover you transferred in, they will continue on your cover with us
  • you must be at work for 30 days before cover can be transferred in, and not absent due to illness or injury
  • you must not have been paid, entitled to receive, or made a claim for a total and permanent disablement or similar benefit
  • you must not have been previously diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • you must be under age 65 at the time to apply to transfer in cover
  • you must provide us with either a copy of your most recent benefit statement or renewal certificate of insurance and the issue date must be within 12 months of the date of application
  • you must be gainfully employed on the date of your application
  • you must provide written acknowledgement that you aren’t restricted by illness or injury from performing your usual occupation or any of its duties due to any illness or injury, nor have you received medical advice, been diagnosed with an illness or suffered an injury which is or may restrict you in the future from performing these duties
  • your existing death cover, TPD cover and/or income protection cover must be current and transferring from either a super fund or an individual insurance policy
  • you must acknowledge that any non-disclosure to the previous super fund (or its insurer) or the previous policy insurer may be acted upon by us
  • the cover you're applying to transfer in must not contain any premium loadings.

You must also provide us with written proof that your previous cover will be cancelled upon the transfer of insurance being accepted by us. If your previous cover is not cancelled, then your cover with us will be cancelled from inception.

Any cover you transfer in will be subject to the eligibility conditions, exclusions and definitions contained in the QSuper Accumulation Account Insurance Guide.

Please note this information is a general summary only. Please refer to our Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for further information on terms, conditions and eligibility.