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Annual Investment Questions Banner Annual Investment Update - Your Questions Answered

QSuper’s Annual Investment Update provides insights and information about the way QSuper manages your investments. QSuper Chief Investment Officer Brad Holzberger explores some of the common questions he was asked by members during this year’s Investment Update roadshow.

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News News
Choice super of the year Choice Super of the Year 2018 – and we couldn’t have done it without you

QSuper has just been awarded SuperRatings 2018 Choice Super of the Year.

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Townsville Investments Update Hundreds of Townsville members attend investment update

More than 200 Townsville QSuper members last night joined Chief Investment Officer Brad Holzberger, CEO Michael Pennisi and the QSuper Board to hear the latest Annual Investment Update and QSuper’s strategy going forward.

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Townsville QSuper Board invests time in Townsville

Why the QSuper Board is going regional. This September, the QSuper Board is holding its regional board meeting in Townsville.

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Superannuation Superannuation
lost super Lost and unclaimed super

Queenslanders have more than $3 billion in Australia’s tally of almost $18 billion in lost and unclaimed super, according to the tax office. Find if some of that’s yours.

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Unpaid super Unpaid Super: What to do if you think you're missing out

Is your employer paying your super entitlements? If you have unpaid super, here’s what to do.

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First home buyers Legislation update: First Home Super Saver Scheme being debated

The government’s proposed First Home Super Saver Scheme is currently in the lower House

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downsizing Legislation update: Downsizing your home

How the Federal Budget’s downsizing incentive works

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Egg Retirement
rentinginretirement Renting in retirement

Are you planning to rent in retirement? Here’s the amount of money you may need

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Finances Finances
Townsville banner Money a stress for some in Townsville

According to a recent QSuper survey: Almost 60% of Townsville residents find managing finances stressful.

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Buying property with a friend Buying property with a friend

Buying a house with a friend has pros and cons. What to consider when buying property with friends.

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LoanFinder How QInvest LoanFinder could save you money on your mortage

House hunting? Look for ways you could save on your mortage.

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Investments Investments
Self Invest What is Self Invest?

If you’re seeking more of a controlling interest in the strategy and direction of your retirement investments within the supportive QSuper environment, there is a way you can invest yourself.

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Career Career
women in business Flex, finance & your future

QSuper hosts the inaugural Flex, Finance & Your Future event, helping to influence social and financial outcomes for women.

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work habits Some good workplace habits to practice

Starting out in a new job? Some good habits to start from Day 1

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Juggling work and study Juggling work and study - six tips

Keeping on top of your career and your education is a juggle!

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Wellbeing Wellbeing
Housesitting Housesitting: Some considerations

Free rent, free holidays – what to know about house sitting.

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Downsizing Downsizing? Here's a quick 'to do' list

Downsizing on the cards? There’s a new financial incentive from the Government that you might want to consider in amongst the usual things on your downsizing to do list.

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