Make voluntary (after tax) or spouse contributions to QSuper Accumulation accounts simple with BPAY®. And it’s easy to find the details you need. Just follow our simple steps.

Find your client's BPAY details

Get a BPAY biller code and reference number for a one-off payment to a QSuper Accumulation account.

Don't use this tool for the below:

  • Super Savings account

Get BPAY details using the Super Savings tool instead.

  • Transferring from another fund

There are a few ways to consolidate super to a QSuper account, or contact us for help.

Type of contributions?

How to make BPAY payments

If you or your client want to make a BPAY payment to a QSuper Accumulation account, start by finding the BPAY details using the search tool above.

Note: If you're adding to a spouse's super, use their client number in the search tool instead.


Log in to your online or phone banking.


Use the biller code and reference number to pay by BPAY.


Check the payment amount before going ahead.


Making more than one payment? Repeat these steps.

FAQs for paying by BPAY Show all Hide all

Unfortunately we can only take voluntary or spouse contributions for QSuper Accumulation accounts.

If your client wants to open one, fill in our form

If your client has a Super Savings account, you can search for their BPAY details on the Australian Retirement Trust website.

You can also make payments to a QSuper Accumulation account using the Deposit form (pdf). Either post the form with a cheque made out to QSuper, or take it to one of our Member Centres with a cheque (or make an EFTPOS payment).
It could take between 3–5 business days for a payment to reach a QSuper Accumulation account once your financial institution processes it.

To make sure your client doesn't go over their contribution limits, it's important to keep track of how much is being added to their super.

It's easy to get an overview of their QSuper account and the payments made to it. Just ask us for a QSuper Client Summary.

Keep in mind the summary doesn't include any payments made to accounts they might have with other super funds.


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QSuper is part of Australian Retirement Trust. Australian Retirement Trust takes no responsibility for incorrect selection of options or incorrect data entries using this facility, or for any delays in processing times caused by the financial institutions.

Only use this tool for QSuper Accumulation accounts. For Super Savings accounts, you need to get your client's BPAY details from the Australian Retirement Trust website instead.

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