“Will my money last as long as I do?” It's a constant concern for clients approaching and in retirement. Now, in an Australian first, we’ve created our Lifetime Pension product to give your clients an income for life.

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How QSuper's Lifetime Pension works


Australian-first retirement product

Our Lifetime Pension is designed to provide your clients with the potential for higher incomes and greater certainty that this part of their income won't run out. It is a longevity product that works by combining your client’s purchase amount with the money of other Lifetime Pension members into a pool of funds. This product is not an annuity - it is a new product category enabled by legislation changes in 2017.

Tax-free payments for a lifetime

Clients receive tax-free, fortnightly payments, which continue even after their initial purchase price has been exhausted. This could potentially provide your clients with a higher income throughout retirement than an annuity or the minimum drawdown rates from an account-based pension.

Part of a complete retirement income solution

Our Lifetime Pension has been designed to work in tandem with our award-winning Retirement Income account1 or your client’s existing account-based pension, to potentially provide a complete retirement income solution. This will mean that your clients have the peace of mind that their income won't run out, and they'll still have the flexibility of being able make withdrawals from their Retirement Income account if needed.

Potential retirement bonus

If your client is a QSuper member and uses money from an existing Accumulation account or Transition to Retirement Income account to buy a Lifetime Pension, they may be eligible for an exclusive, uncapped retirement bonus.

Cooling-off period

There is a 6-month cooling-off period, after which the purchase is permanent.


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If you have any questions about this product or your client's QSuper account, please view frequently asked questions about Lifetime Pension, or call us on 1300 360 750 and select option 3 for advisers.

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Dive into the full details of our Lifetime Pension product, so you can advise your client with confidence about their retirement options.

1. QSuper’s Income account has received Pension Fund awards from Money magazine, SuperRatings, Chant West, and Connexus between 2015 and 2020. Find out more. These awards are solely statements of opinion and do not represent a recommendation to purchase, hold, or sell any securities, or make any other investment decisions. Ratings are subject to change. Ratings, awards, or investment returns are only one factor that you should consider when deciding how to invest your super. Past performance may not be a reliable indicator of future performance.