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Queensland Government super contributions

The Queensland Government is changing its super offering for many of its employees. Get the latest news on what's happening and how it affects you.

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New super arrangements now in place

Some Queensland Government workers may now be getting more in their super from their employer. There’s also more flexibility around the super contributions they make.

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How does it impact your super or take-home pay?

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What the changes mean for you

Watch our summary of the changes. Or view our webinar for a deep dive.

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Check the Queensland Government FAQs.

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Speak with your employer

Get help to understand exactly how the changes affect your super.

Grow your super

Use our Super Projection Calculator to see how changing what you put into super now could impact what you'll have when you retire.

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Take control of your future

Knowing more about your super is the first step to building a better future. Here are some ideas to start you off.