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rfds Royal Flying Doctor Service flight nurses deliver high-level performance

QSuper supports RFDS flight nurses through specialised training for situations that may occur on the ground or in the air.

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Kylie Superhero Nurse Kylie to the rescue

QSuper and Juiced TV unmask their Super Hero Awards Round Four winner, Queensland Children’s Hospital’s Nurse Kylie.

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RFDS Hours from help, hope arrived from the sky

Hours from help, hope arrived from the sky. QSuper uncovers the extraordinary medical emergencies faced by RFDS Qld Section Flight Nurses.

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Ruby superhero heart surgeon Dr Fox Ruby's superhero is her heart surgeon Dr Fox

QSuper and Juiced TV unmask the third hospital superhero of their awards program. 

Dr Scott Fox, a paediatric cardiologist from Queensland Children’s Hospital, was nominated by Ruby, 10, for helping her through five heart surgeries.

The program recognises those who dedicate their lives to sick kids, everyday.

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banner Benefit from a safe and healthy workplace

Take the lead for safety in your workplace this National Safe Work Month

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Juiced TV superheroes QSuper celebrates Juiced TV's first hospital superheroes

Announcing the first superheroes! Nurses Craig and Cara have been recognised in Juiced TV’s Super Hero Awards program, presented in partnership with QSuper.

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RFDS Uncovering the ‘Stories from the inside’ of RFDS QLD

QSuper uncovers the ‘Stories from the inside’ of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section). Sharing the inspiring work of Flight Nurses, to keep Queenslanders safe.

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banner QSuper helps RFDS Flight Nurses to soar

QSuper has partnered with Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) to support essential basic and intensive training for the organisation’s Flight Nurses.

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QSuper juiced tv elevatecom QSuper and Juiced TV unite to unmask our hospital Superheroes

QSuper and Juiced TV are partnering to recognise Queensland’s unsung Superheroes, the medical and support staff who selflessly dedicate themselves to the wellbeing of kids in hospital.

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Mother and daughter sitting at the kitchen table. Build your confidence to return to work

Donna Thistlethwaite’s crippling self-doubt after she returned to work contributed to her attempting to end her own life. She shares her story as guest speaker with QSuper’s She’s on Q event, offering steps to help support workplace confidence after a break.

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