Work less, save more with our award-winning TTR Income account

Open a TTR Income account

Turn your super into income

With a TTR Income account, you can reduce your work hours without reducing your income by receiving regular payments from your super.

Potential tax benefits

A TTR Income account can be used as part of a tax strategy in the lead up to retirement, saving you tax while growing your savings.


When QSuper wins, our members win.

Our Income Account has won a number of awards, including Money Magazine’s Best Balanced Pension Product2 and SuperRatings Pension of the Year.3

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Ease into retirement with QSuper

Find out why thousands of members feel confident about transitioning to retirement with us

Flexible payment options

Choose how much and when you want to be paid, and easily manage your account anytime via Member Online.

Strong long-term performance

Choose from our range of investment options, including our performance-topping Balanced option.1

Simple, transparent fees

We’re profit for members, not shareholders – so we aim to keep fees low.

Check your eligibility

Before you open a QSuper TTR Income account, make sure you meet the following conditions:

Under age 65

You should be under age 65 but have reached your preservation age.

Still working

You should still be employed (full-time or part-time).

Minimum $30,000

You'll need a balance of at least $30,000.

Be a QSuper member

If you're not a QSuper member, you can easily join online.

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Learn how transition to retirement strategies work

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Read our Income Account Guide (pdf)

1. QSuper Balanced Option awarded #1 performance over 10 years by SuperRatings. SuperRatings SR50 Balanced Index (60-76) median based on cumulative returns compounded annually after fees and for initial $50,000 invested over the period to 28 February 2019. Based on funds open to the public. Past performance may not be a reliable indicator future performance.
2. Money magazine awards are solely a statement of opinion and do not represent a recommendation to purchase, hold or sell this product, or make any other investment decisions. Ratings are subject to change. Go to for details of its ratings criteria.
3. SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee, or underwrite this product. Go to for details of its ratings criteria. SuperRatings Pty Ltd has given its written consent to the inclusion of each reference to SuperRatings (including its ratings logos) and the statements made by or said to be based on statements by SuperRatings in the form and context in which they are included on the QSuper website. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.