Manage your super online

Having everything in one place can make life easier. That’s why Member Online was created. It allows you to stay connected to everything involving your super. You can:

  • check your balance and transactions
  • review your investments and make switches
  • consolidate your super
  • view annual statements
  • apply for or make changes to your insurance
  • manage your Income account payments
  • update your personal details.
Phone with Member Online screen

Check your balance

Keep on track with how your super is performing. You can:

  • see how your super balance is changing on a daily basis
  • view how your balance has changed over the last 5 years (Accumulation and Income account holders only)
  • project your balance up to two years ahead (Defined Benefit account holders only)
  • view up to two years worth of transactions.
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Manage your investments

Use Member Online to stay on top of your super investments. You can:

  • switch investment options whenever you like
  • view how your super balance is split between your investment options
  • trade directly in term deposits, exchange traded funds, or ASX300 shares through Self Invest
Investment switch

Consolidate your super

Within a matter of minutes, you can easily request to consolidate your super from other funds. By bringing all your different accounts into one, you could reduce the fees you pay and give your super a boost.*

* Before rolling your super over, you should check what fees your other super fund charges and if you will lose any benefits such as insurance or pension options.


Review and update your insurance

Member Online gives you easy access to your insurance cover allowing you to:

  • view your current insurance coverage
  • change your level of insurance coverage
  • cancel your insurance coverage.
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View your annual statements

You can view any of your previous annual statements for up to 7 years through Member Online. Think of it as your own personal filing cabinet for your annual statements, that you can view wherever you have internet access.

We can also let you know when your latest annual statement is ready to view online.


Manage your payments

If you're eligible to access your super, you can easily:

  • open an Income account
  • manage your Income account payments
  • make withdrawals from your Accumulation account.
Member using iPad