Wherever you move on to work after your redundancy or even if you choose to retire, it’s easy to stay with QSuper.

Stay with QSuper

If you’re moving to a new job, you can let your new employer know that you want to stay with QSuper. Give your new employer a completed Choose QSuper as Your Super Fund form or download a pre-populated version from Member Online so they can make your contributions to your QSuper account.

Open an Income account1

This option is generally only available if you have an unrestricted non-preserved (cashable) amount in your super account. If you’re unsure, you can log into Member Online, check your annual statement or give us a call on 1300 360 750. You’ll also need a minimum opening balance of $30,000. For more information about the Income account and the conditions that apply please read the Income Account Guide.

Withdraw any unrestricted non-preserved (cashable) amount as a lump sum

When you leave your employer and you may have a restricted non-preserved component, this component will become unrestricted and you’ll be able to withdraw it as cash. Any preserved funds will need to stay in super until you meet a condition of release and can access them – usually this happens at age 65 or once you have reached the age you can access your super (preservation age) and retired.

Stay with QSuper

If you have a Defined Benefit account and you accept a redundancy package, your benefit will be transferred to a QSuper Accumulation account. A QSuper Accumulation account offers you default investment option depending on your age and balance, or a choice of investment options. You will need to send us a Transfer Your Defined Benefit to an Accumulation Account form to let us how you want your benefit invested once your employment finishes. Read more information about our Accumulation account and your investment options.

If you resume employment with the Queensland Government within 30 days, you may be able to keep your Defined Benefit account, provided you haven’t withdrawn any of your benefit from this account and your new Queensland Government or related entity employer provides for QSuper Defined Benefit account membership. Contact your payroll/HR department to find out if your new employer offers this.

You’ll also need to inform your new pay office that your contributions should be paid to your existing Defined Benefit account.

If you have a current Defined Benefit account and you’re considering redeployment at a reduced grade of pay, this could reduce the superannuable salary used to calculate your benefit. If this occurs, you may be entitled to a salary reduction benefit, to recognise the benefit you accrued on the higher salary. You can find out more in the Defined Benefit Account Guide.

1 Conditions apply to open an Income account