The way standard contribution requirements work can vary a bit, depending on whether you work for the Queensland Government or not, so we’ve explained each situation separately.

Most people working for the Queensland Government are required to make what’s known as a standard contribution1 of between 2% and 5% from their fortnightly salary. If you’re paying less than the 5% amount (or 6% for police officers) you might not be receiving the maximum super contributions from your employer.

Members (excluding police officers)

  Accumulation accounts Defined Benefit
You pay Employer pays Total Annual growth in benefit multiple
2% 9.75% 11.75% 0.135
3% 10.75% 13.75% 0.160
4% 11.75% 15.75% 0.185
5% 12.75% 17.75% 0.210

Police officers

  Accumulation accounts Defined Benefit
You pay Employer pays Total Annual growth in benefit multiple
3% 12% 15% 0.140
4% 14% 18% 0.175
5% 16% 21% 0.210
6% 18% 24% 0.245

I haven’t been paying 5%. Can I catch up?

If you have a Defined Benefit account and you’ve been paying less than 5% (6% for police officers), you may be able to catch up by paying up to 8% (9% for police officers).

Catching up is not available for Accumulation account holders.

Members employed by a State Government or related entity (excluding police officers)

You pay Multiple growth each year
6% 0.235
7% 0.260
8% 0.285

Police officers

You pay Multiple growth each year
7% 0.280
8% 0.315
9% 0.350

To change your contribution rate, fill in a Start or Change Regular Contributions to Your Super form, and then give it to the pay office where you work. In some cases, your employer may contact us to verify that you’re eligible to catch up, before they make any deductions. We’ll do our best to reply to them within seven days.

In most cases, employers who aren't part of the Queensland Government are only required to contribute the minimum legislated super guarantee amount, which is currently 9.5%. It's also likely that you're not required to make a standard contribution, although you can make additional voluntary contributions.

You should check with your employer directly, to see if they have any special arrangements in place.

1. Some Queensland Government employers don’t have standard contribution arrangements. Check with your pay office to find out if they apply to you.