Here are the fees for Self Invest



Administration fee

0.16% p.a.1

Access fee

$299 per annum (pro rata), calculated daily and deducted monthly.

Cash management fee

0.40% p.a. calculated based on your daily transaction account balance and deducted before your return is declared.

Brokerage fee

Order value

Fee per trade2

up to $10,000


$10,001 - $27,500


$27,501 +

$46.50 plus 0.11% for amounts over $27,500

ETF management fees

ETF management fees are deducted by the ETF manager before the return of the underlying ETF investment is declared.3

To make it easier to understand exactly what your fees are for, we split them up into a few different components:

  • Administration fee - This covers the general costs of managing your super
  • Access fee - This gives you access to the Self Invest online facilities that let you trade and manage your investments, and access to reporting and market research.
  • Cash management fee - This is for the management of cash deposits held in your Self Invest transaction account.
  • Brokerage fee - This fee applies every time you buy and sell S&P/ASX 300 shares and ETFs. Each order incurs a separate fee, even when you’re making multiple orders at once. The brokerage fees are deducted from your transaction account.
  • ETF management fee - We don’t charge any direct fees to your account for managing your ETFs. Instead, any investment fees and other expenses are included in the ETF management fees, and deducted from the returns of the underlying ETF investment by the ETF managers. The price quoted on the ASX is after fees and expenses have been deducted by the ETF managers.

Need more information?

You can find out more about fees in the Self Invest Guide and Investment Choice Guide.

1. Calculated daily and debited to the transaction account monthly. The administration fee of 0.16% p.a. is subject to a fee cap. For more information refer to the Accumulation Account Guide or the Income Account Guide.
2. These rates exclude GST. GST is applied to the brokerage fee and you will be entitled to a credit of 75% on any GST paid.
3. For full details of the applicable ETF management fees please refer to Exchange traded funds (ETFs).