Why QSuper TPD cover?

Wouldn't it be reassuring to know that if you suffered a total and permanent disability, you would have some financial support to help you with your living expenses? QSuper's TPD cover pays a lump sum to you if you can’t ever work again after meeting the definition of total and permanent disablement. This allows you to focus on managing your illness or injury, rather than worrying about finances.


Increased level of cover option

Eligible full and part-time employees can apply for cover of up to $3 million.


Limited pre-existing exclusions

In most circumstances your default cover has no pre-existing exclusion period providing you are at work on the day your default cover starts.


Cover up to age 65

You may be covered until you turn 65 (the age limit for police officers is 60).


Personalise your cover

Plenty of ways to personalise your cover so that it reflects your needs.

The details

Some default features

Key features

  • Automatic
    Eligible members get TPD insurance automatically. Members must be aged between 16-64 or if you are a Queensland police officer, aged 16-59.
  • Level of cover
    The level of default cover you have will vary depending on your age, employer and employment status. To confirm the level of cover you have, refer to your latest benefit statement or Member Online. You can also read the Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for more details.
  • Pre-existing exclusions
    In most circumstances your default cover has no pre-existing exclusion period providing you are at work on the day your default cover starts.

Some ways to personalise

Key features

  • Choose a different level of cover
    Eligible full and part-time employees, including self-employed,  can apply for cover of up to $3 million, while casual and unemployed members can apply for up to $1 million of cover.
  • Choose a fixed amount of cover
    Until age 60, eligible members can apply for a fixed level of cover for both death and TPD insurance.
  • Occupational rating
    Instead of paying default premium rates, you can apply to be occupationally rated, by providing information about your job and qualifications.

Want to know more?

For full details of the product, including what is included and what's not, please refer to the Accumulation Account Insurance Guide (pdf).

*The features and conditions of insurance for Defined Benefit members and Queensland Police Officers are different. Find out more
about Defined Benefit insurance arrangements or Police Officer insurance arrangements.

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2. Understand my insurance needs

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3. Personalise my insurance

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2. Gather required documentation

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3. We'll work with you

We'll assign you a dedicated claims manager who will work with you through the claim process.

Why QSuper insurance

QSuper offers affordable, generous automatic insurance with flexibility to personalise the cover according to your personal circumstances.


Cover to suit your needs

QSuper offers many ways for you to personalise your insurance, to help your cover reflect your needs.


Generous automatic insurance

Eligible QSuper members receive automatic cover when they join.


Profit for members

We work hard to keep our fees low, and as we don’t have share holders, everything we do is for our members.

100 year history

100 years strong

We have been looking after members' retirement savings since 1912.