Why QSuper income protection?

We all hope we don't get sick or injured for an extended period of time, but if you did, how would you pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle? If an illness or injury means you can't work due to a total and temporary disablement or partial and temporary disablement, income protection can provide you with an income to help meet your living expenses.

Person and shield

Time to recover

QSuper provides a benefit period of up to 3 years as default, with the ability to apply for a longer benefit period.

Piggy bank

Keep growing your super

Whilst receiving payments that partially replace your income, you'll continue to receive super contributions so that your super can continue to grow, even while you are receiving income protection.


Personalise your cover

Plenty of ways to personalise your cover so that it reflects your needs.

The details

Some default features

Key features

  • Cover up to 87.75% of your insured salary
    If you're eligible for default income protection insurance your default cover pays you a total benefit of 87.75% of your insured salary. This includes a contribution replacement benefit of 12.75% of your insured salary. Please note that maximum limits apply.
  • Waiting period
    A waiting period of accrued sick leave + 14 days, or a waiting period of accrued sick leave or 90 days (whichever is greater), depending on your employment arrangements.
  • Benefit period
    A benefit period of up to 3 years for most eligible members. Eligibility requirements are outlined in our Accumulation Account Insurance Guide (pdf).
  • Pre-existing exclusions
    In most circumstances your default cover has no pre-existing exclusion period, providing you are at work on the day your default cover starts.

Estimate your premium


Some ways to personalise

Key features

  • Apply to change the waiting period.
    All members except police officers are able to choose their waiting period. You can apply to change your waiting period to the greater of accrued sick leave or:
    - 30 days
    - 60 days
    - 90 days
  • Apply to change the benefit period.
    All members except police officers can apply to change their benefit period. You can apply to change your benefit period to receive payments for up to 5 years or up to age 65.
  • Occupational rating
    Instead of paying default premium rates, you can apply to be occupationally rated, by providing information about your job and qualifications.

Want to know more?

For full details of the product, including what is included and what's not, please refer to the Accumulation Account Insurance Guide (pdf).

*The features and conditions of insurance for Defined Benefit members and Queensland Police Officers are different. Find out more
about Defined Benefit insurance arrangements or Police Officer insurance arrangements.

Change or apply for income protection


1. Understand my current insurance

Log in to Member Online or check your latest benefit statement to see your current insurance level.


2. Understand my insurance needs

Use our insurance needs calculator to determine how much insurance you might need.


3. Personalise my insurance

Log in to Member Online to change your insurance or use our insurance premium estimator to get an idea on costs.

Make a claim


1. Contact us

Firstly, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know about your situation.

Document check

2. Gather required documentation

We'll advise you of what you need to submit in order to substantiate your insurance claim.


3. We'll work with you

We'll assign you a dedicated claims manager who will work with you through the claim process.

Why QSuper insurance

QSuper offers affordable, generous automatic insurance with flexibility to personalise the cover according to your personal circumstances.


Trusted & secure

QSuper has been looking after the retirement savings of members for more than 100 years.

Profit for members

Profit for members

Our profits go back to our members, so you can be sure we have your interests at heart.


Generous automatic insurance

Eligible QSuper members receive automatic cover when they join.

Suit your needs

Cover to suit your needs

QSuper offers many ways for you to personalise your insurance, to help your cover reflect your needs.