It's important to make sure your finances are keeping up as your life changes. No matter what's happening for you, we're here to help every step of the way. Find the information and support you need to be confident about your financial decisions.


Marriage and de facto couples

Managing your super in a marriage (including same sex), civil union, or de facto relationship.

Divorce or separation

What happens to your super when you get divorced or separated.

Inheriting money

Learn about adding an inheritance to your super, or leaving your super to others when you die.

Financial changes

Buying a first home

How to use super contributions to save for the deposit on your first home.

Changing jobs

How to take your QSuper account with you to your new job.


What you need to know about your finances when considering a redundancy.

Preparing for the future


Explore our retirement income products and prepare your finances for retirement.


If you sell your family home around a certain age, you can contribute some of it to your super.


Find out what happens to your super when you die, and make sure everything is in place.