When you need to know more, come to QSuper, one of Australia's largest super funds. Because knowing a little more about your super now could have a big effect later.

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When you need to know more, come to QSuper, one of Australia's largest super funds. Because knowing a little more about your super now could have a big effect later.

It's the podcast that helps you make sense of superannuation.

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Season 2

Knowing more about how your super works, and what you can do to grow it, could help you feel more confident about your future. So where do you start?

Tune in with our host for season 2, Liz Ellis, to learn from our experts at QSuper.

Episode 1: What's the magic number for retirement?

Do you know how much money you’ll need for the type of life you're after in retirement? What’s the difference between a modest and a comfortable retirement, and how can you start making plans to help get you there?

Listen in as QSuper Member Education Officer Steven Fehring answers these questions and more, to help you work towards your unique magic number.

Episode 2: Socially responsible investing

More and more people are becoming interested in how their super is invested, and the types of impacts it can have on the world. But does socially responsible investing mean a trade-off with good returns?

QSuper Lead Sustainable Investment Strategist Hunter Page discusses the potential benefits and returns of taking a more ethical investment approach.

Episode 3: Love and money

Navigating the world of relationships and finances can be tricky. But knowing how, and when, to discuss money with your partner can really help as you plan for the future.

Get tips to bring love and money together in perfect harmony in this chat with QSuper Member Education Officer Megan Ashenden and Advice Team Leader Luke Caruana.

Episode 4: Rebuilding your super

Many Australians accessed their super earlier than planned, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But once you've taken it out, what comes next? How do you get it growing again?

Tune in as QSuper Member Education Officer April Smith shares her personal experiences,1 to help you rebuild your super and get your future back on track.

Season 1

Super. It goes into your superannuation account and eventually you retire. But will you have enough to retire on? What if you need it early? And is your money safe?

Join our host for season 1, Robin Bailey, as she teams up with a host of experts from QSuper to answer everything you want to know about your super.

Episode 1: Taking control of your super

How much is in your super? How has it grown this year ... last year ... the last 5 years? Where is it invested? Have you got any unclaimed super? Does your account include insurance?

Join Megan Ashenden, Member Education Officer at QSuper, as she gives our top tips for little things you can do to make a big difference for your future.

Episode 2: Protecting what's yours

Scams are a multi-million dollar business in Australia, and it’s not just your bank account details that scammers could be after – it could be your super.

Deep dive into scams with QSuper's Jane Hogan (Information Security Manager) and Monique Bielanowski (Senior Financial Crimes Manager), and discover how you can protect against threats you might not even have realised are there…

Episode 3: Your super questions answered

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a significant impact on share markets around the world, and that’s making people worried about their savings.

Liz Kumaru, Head of Funds Management at QSuper, answers the big questions about super – the ones that are on your mind and maybe even some you didn’t know to ask...

Episode 4: Early access

Millions of Australians have taken out some of their super early to pay for the financial effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. So how do you rebuild your super after taking some out?

Mitch Taylor, Member Education Officer at QSuper, explains how early access to super works, how to know whether it's right for you, and how to keep growing your super.

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