Our Story

Most of us take superannuation for granted, but not many are aware of how it all began. In Queensland, super started with an Act of Parliament in 1912, creating the organisation we now know as QSuper.

Super wasn’t compulsory then like it is now. And it was only available to a small number of workers – full time, salaried teachers, administrative clerks and other white-collar workers. But it was a start.

Now as Queensland’s largest super fund1, we’ve expanded our services, and grown our customer base to more than 550,000, with over $65 billion in funds under management2.

We continue to innovate, to introduce new products and services, and to help ensure that our members can look forward to the future they want in retirement. And soon we’ll be opening the doors to anyone who’d like to apply to join us – no matter where they work or what colour their collar is (if they’re even wearing a collar at all).

1. Based on Funds Under Management (FUM) information in the “Annual Fund-level Superannuation Statistics June 2015” issued by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) on 10 February 2016

2. QSuper 2016 Annual Report