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Rest easy knowing that QSuper, part of Australian Retirement Trust, is here to help you retire well with confidence.

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Profit for members
We work for members, not shareholders.

Everything we do is to benefit our members. So you can be sure we're working in members' best interests.

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Super you can trust

Finder Customer Satisfaction award 2023, SuperRatings Platinum 2009-2024, Chant West Longevity Award 2023

We're awarded for providing value for our members, from your working life through to enjoying retirement.

And we're always working on new products and services, like our award-winning Lifetime Pension, so you can be confident about your future.

Who can open an account

You may be able to join if you're a new Queensland Government employee, or you're retired, or you're the spouse or child (under 25 years old) of an existing QSuper member.

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Find the right super account for you

The best super products for you depends on factors including performance, fees, and the services and benefits you need.

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Build financial security for your future

Find out how to get ahead with your super, so you can enjoy more confidence now and more financial security later.

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Get the most from your retirement

You deserve to enjoy life after work – so we’re here to help you plan when is the best time for you to retire and how to get there.

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Close to $300 billion in retirement savings


Over 140 years’ combined experience helping members1


2.3 million members and counting

Super you can trust. QSuper is part of Australian Retirement Trust, one of Australia's largest super funds.

1. Australian Retirement Trust was formed through the merger of QSuper and Sunsuper on 28 February 2022.