If you’ve been living in Australia as a temporary resident, you can claim your super once you’ve left the country permanently.

Before we can process your claim, we’ll need to verify your immigration status. If your account balance if over $5,000, you’ll need to provide:

If you’ve got less than $5,000 in your account, we’ll need a copy of your:

  • Expired or cancelled eligible visa (or evidence of such a visa); and
  • Passport, showing you’ve left Australia.

You’ll find a list of eligible visas in our Departing Temporary Resident Claim factsheet.

If you’ve permanently left the country, your super will be taxed at a special rate: you’ll pay no tax on the tax-free component, 38% on the taxable component and 47% for an untaxed element of a taxable component.  

We’ll deduct the tax (and send it to the ATO) before sending your funds to you. You won’t need to include the remaining lump sum payment in your tax return.

If you send us your claim form with all the required information, we can process your claim within seven working days.

In the event of a significant market correction, we may need to suspend processing until we can incorporate the market movements into the unit price of your super.

Keep in mind that if you’ve only recently left your job in Australia, we can only process your claim once your employer’s confirmed your final super contribution and we’ve received it. The unit price on the date of that payment will then be applied to the funds you withdraw.

We’ll transfer your funds electronically to your nominated bank account within Australia.

We suggest you speak to a financial adviser to help you decide whether to withdraw your super or leave it in your account. One option might be better than the other, depending on your circumstances. QSuper will be requested to transfer your super to the ATO if you haven't claimed it after a minimum period of six months since you left Australia and your visa ceased to be in effect. The ATO will hold your unclaimed super for you until you claim it.

Download and send us a completed Departing Temporary Resident Claim form.