Your Income account lets you continue growing your retirement savings while you enjoy a regular income.

There are a range of investment options, ranging from high risk/high return to low risk/low return, and everything in between. You can switch between investment options as often as you like.1

And if you want to take a more hands on approach to managing your Income account, you have access to Self Invest, a direct investment option that allows you to invest in term deposits, Australian shares and exchange traded funds.

Making a switch is easy …

You can make changes directly in the Investments section of Member Online. Or just fill out and return a Switch Investments in an Income Account form.

… but take your time

You can make a switch in a matter of minutes. But it’s worth taking some time to consider some of the important factors involved. Read more about the investment switch process.

Choosing the right investment mix

It can be tempting to put all your savings into a low risk option when you retire. But when you consider that the average person now lives 20 years or more in retirement, you can probably look forward to a reasonable investment horizon. So by choosing a range of investments that incorporate some growth-oriented options, you may help to stretch your savings.

With an Income account you can split your money across different investment options and nominate where you’d like income payments to come from – either on a percentage basis, or by choosing which option payments should come from first. It means you can invest the money you’re planning to use into options that are less likely to fluctuate, and leave the rest to grow.

1. Because frequent switching between investments can have adverse effects on you or the Fund and other members, QSuper monitors switching and reserves the right to limit the number of switches you can make if we determine it is excessive and detrimental to the Fund. QSuper is not responsible for failing to impose limits to the number of switches you make..