Your investment strategy will probably need to change as you move through life – what’s right for you in your 20s, won’t be appropriate in the years before you retire. That’s why lifecycle investing doesn’t rely on the traditional ‘one investment strategy for all’ approach.

With a lifecycle strategy, even if you don't have the time or confidence to make an active choice, you’ll still know your investment strategy is being modified and adjusted over time.

How does a lifecycle investment strategy work?

Lifecycle investment strategies adjust your asset allocation as you progress through life stages. They gradually shift from riskier assets that could potentially achieve higher returns, to less risky assets as you approach retirement.

Early in the lifecycle, when you're younger and your account balance is relatively small, lifecycle strategies typically focus on growing your investment. They generally invest in assets with potential for higher returns, but carry greater risk and potential for volatility.

As retirement draws near, the investment strategy shifts to stability. Your super now has less exposure to risk, while still maintaining some growth. This is because the closer you get to retirement, the less time your super has to recover from any significant adverse market movements.

Your investment automatically adjusts to your needs

With lifecycle investment strategies, the shift from assets seeking higher returns to less risky assets happens automatically. While most funds use an age-based approach to time these changes, and determine your asset mix at any point of your investment lifecycle, we do more.

To help you achieve your retirement goals, we tailor our lifecycle investment approach to you, considering not just your age, but your Lifetime account balance as well.

Important information
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