Personalise Your Income Protection

In addition to our cover provided automatically, QSuper members have a wide range of options potentially available to tailor their insurance based on their personal situation, the level of protection they need and their budget.

Queensland Police Officers should read this FAQ guide.

To personalise income protection cover, or apply for income protection cover if it is not received automatically, a member can apply to:

  • change their waiting period to the greater of accrued paid sick leave or 30 days /60 days /90 days (excluding Police)
  • select a benefit payment period of 2 years, 5 years or up to age 65 (excluding Police)
  • apply to have premiums occupationally rated
  • change from salary based to unitised Income Protection cover.

How much cover can I have

If you’re eligible for default income protection cover, your default cover pays you a total benefit of 87.75 per cent of your insured salary which includes a contribution replacement benefit of 12.75 per cent of your insured salary (we will cap your total benefit at $20,000 per month). However, if 87.75 per cent of your insured salary is more than this cap, you can provide us with health and other information in order to apply for cover above that level.

Please note premiums are calculated as a percentage of your insured salary.

You can apply for more cover up to a maximum total benefit of $50,0001 per month, but this will be reduced to $30,000 per month after two years of payments. Your cover can never be more than 87.75 per cent of your insured salary (or pre-disability income, if you hold unitised cover).

If you have salary-based cover you can personalise your cover by choosing to switch to unitised cover. You can buy as many or as few units as you need (subject to limits), meaning that your cover can be lower than the default or even higher if you have other employment income you want covered.

If you're not eligible for default cover, you can apply for unitised IP cover. Each unit is worth $500 of cover a month, which includes a contribution replacement benefit of 12.75 per cent. Also, you cannot choose to switch to salary-based income protection cover.

If you hold unitised cover, your monthly benefit cannot exceed the insured value of your units.


1 $50,000 per month is calculated as 87.75 per cent of the first $410,256 of annual income plus 62.75% of the next $382,470 of annual income; expressed as a monthly amount. These figures include a contribution replacement benefit. 

DevCase Study

Dev works at Queensland Health, has an annual salary of $75,000 and is eligible for default income protection cover. He also works one shift a week at a private hospital, which pays him an annual salary of $15,000. This salary is not covered by default income protection.

Dev’s current annual income protection cover (including a contribution replacement benefit) is 87.75 per cent of $75,000: $65,812 ($5,484 per month).

Dev chooses to switch to unitised cover so he can also include his part-time salary.

Dev’s total annual income: $90,000.

Total amount of annual cover Dev is eligible to receive (including a contribution replacement benefit): 87.75 per cent of $90,000: $78,975 ($6,581 per month).

Dev chooses to buy 13 units of cover. With each unit worth $500 per month, this provides $6,500 of cover per month, including a contribution replacement benefit.

Please note that the case studies are provided for illustrative purposes only and the members shown aren’t real. It is assumed for the purpose of the case studies that all terms and conditions have been met. Additionally, figures may be rounded up for ease of understanding.

What conditions are there around applying for and increasing my Income Protection cover?

You can apply for cover up to the Automatic Acceptance Limit (AAL). The AAL is $20,000 a month or $10,000 a month if you have chosen the option to have benefits paid until you are 65. However, if you apply after 120 days of starting employment, or if you don’t work for the Queensland Government or a default employer, you may also have to provide health and other information.

If you apply for cover above AAL you may also have to provide health and other information.

Casual employees

Things work a little differently for casual employees. You can only apply for up to two units (subject to the automatic acceptance limit) of cover without providing health and other information, provided you do this within 120 days of starting your job. The cover has a two year benefit period and a waiting period of accrued sick leave or 90 days (whichever is greater). If you apply for cover different to this we will ask you additional questions.

You can apply for cover above the two units, but you will have a pre-existing exclusion period on this additional cover. If you increase or apply for your cover more than 120 days after starting your job you will also need to provide health and other information, and any increase in cover is subject to the maximum cover level of ten units.

Please refer to our Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for further information about pre-existing exclusion periods in relation to customising your income protection cover.

Please note, if you have unitised cover, we will increase your cover and therefore the number of units you have every year in line with the consumer price index (CPI). If CPI decreases, your number of units will remain the same. If your current cover is subject to a pre-existing exclusion period then the same pre-existing exclusion period will apply to any increase in cover resulting from a CPI increase.

Can I change my waiting or benefit period?

All members except police officers can personalise their income protection cover by tailoring either or both of their:

It’s easy to make a change through Member Online, or alternatively complete a Change of Insurance form, or give us a call.

Can I apply to be occupationally rated?

Instead of paying premiums at default rates, you can request to be occupationally rated. Also if you have personalised any of your cover (this includes purchasing any income protection cover, additional death cover and/or additional TPD cover, choosing fixed cover or making any other changes to your cover), all your premiums will be payable at the relevant occupation rate.

Please note this information is a general summary only. Please refer to our Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for further information on terms, conditions and eligibility.

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