Can I cancel my insurance?

Yes, you can. If you feel our insurance isn't right for your circumstances, you can cancel any or all of it at any time. You can cancel your insurance on Member Online, or by completing an Application to Cancel Insurance form. It’s important to note that if you’ve previously cancelled your cover, we won’t automatically provide you with cover again, even if your employment situation changes. 

Will QSuper ever cancel my cover

There are some situations where your death cover, total and permanent disability (TPD) cover or income protection will be cancelled by QSuper and these are outlined in  the Accumulation Account Insurance Guide.

Will cover QSuper has cancelled ever automatically start again?

If we cancel your death cover, TPD cover, or income protection cover because we have not received any money in your account for 13 continuous months, or have not received the premium due, we will still apply default cover to your account if one of the items below happens:

  • your Queensland Government employer or default employer tells us that you left your job, but this same employer then sends us a superannuation guarantee contribution
  • you start working for a new Queensland Government employer or default employer and they send us a superannuation guarantee contribution.

If you applied for an Accumulation account directly with QSuper (not through your employer) and have had cover cancelled involuntarily, you will need to reapply, any new cover will be subject to a five year pre-existing exclusion period and you will need to provide health and other information.

Can I apply for cover again if it's been cancelled?

If you are still eligible to hold cover and want to take it out again, you will need to apply. You will be required to provide health and other information, and your cover will start on the day it’s accepted. It will be subject to the terms and conditions applying at that time, and current terms and conditions can be found in the Accumulation Account Insurance Guide.

Making sure you have the right life insurance is an important financial responsibility, providing reassurance for you and your loved ones. Before cancelling any insurance cover that you hold, it may be wise to seek professional advice.


Please note this information is a general summary only. Please refer to our Accumulation Account Insurance Guide for further information on terms, conditions and eligibility.