Egg Retirement
An elderly man in a blue polo shirt shows a young man in a white t-shirt how to use a standing drill in a garage. An insider’s guide to a happy retirement

Most of us plan to slow down in retirement, but keeping an active schedule seems to be the key to success. So what are the best ways to keep busy?

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Member profile Not leaving retirement to chance

Some people are planners. But for most of us, the realisation that retirement isn’t quite as far away as we thought comes out of the blue.

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Staying healthy Maximise your health, maximise your life in retirement

Find out why regular exercise is essential later in life and some of the ways you can keep your body moving. We offer up a range of activities to take your pick of.

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A lady playing tennis who is positioned at the net and waiting to volley the ball Steps to a happy retirement

Juliet O’Brien describes herself as a wife, mother, grandmother, ‘ten Pound Pom’, local author and retired Year 1 teacher. She also calls herself, ‘one of the lucky ones’.

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Volunteering Make a difference in retirement

Volunteering is a great way of giving back and using your lifetime of experience – and you might be surprised at the opportunities on offer.

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A couple holding hands on the beach looking out to the horizon. Top tips if you’re thinking about a sea or tree change

Dreaming of a scenery change in retirement? Here’s a few hints to help you on your way.

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