Investments Investments
shares Shares are good investments, except when they’re not

Share market performance and your retirement

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Brad Holzberger of the QSuper investment team answering questions from members QSuper investment team answers your questions

Attend the QSuper Annual Investment Update 2019

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credit card Credit cards: the statistics

How much Australians owe on credit cards

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performance header Performance: past and future winners

Superannuation investment performance in past years not a good predictor of success following

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Scales Not your typical diversification piece

QSuper Balanced investment option tops 1-year and 10-year performance results as a result of its risk-balanced approach

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Self invest What is Self Invest?

If you’re seeking more of a controlling interest in the strategy and direction of your retirement investments within the supportive QSuper environment, there is a way you can invest yourself.

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