Lifetime is made up of 8 different groups based on your age and the amount of super you have invested in the Lifetime option. Twice a year, we ensure you're in the right group for your situation.

Our Lifetime groups

We designed the 8 Lifetime groups to meet a range of investment needs through different stages of life. The groups have different investment objectives, asset allocation ranges, and levels of risk, so that we can provide you with a more tailored super solution.

When are the group reviews?

We review the Lifetime group you are invested in every 6 months – in May and November each year.

What group am I invested in?

The group you’re invested in is based on your age and how much super you have invested in the Lifetime option (your Lifetime balance) on the review date. We’ll determine which group reflects your current situation and only move you to another group if required.

You can check which group you’re currently in by logging into Member Online or by contacting us.


Connect with your super on the go

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