When you invest in super, you’re actually purchasing units in a given investment option. The unit prices go up and down each day, in much the same way that a share does, based on movements in the market value. As the unit price changes, so does the overall value of your investment. When you make a withdrawal, you sell a number of units in that investment option.

We deduct any relevant fees from the daily unit price.

It’s easy to work out the value of your super at any given time

Just multiply the number of units you have in an investment option by its daily unit price.

Number of units Daily unit price Value of your super

We calculate unit prices every working day

The unit prices we report show the value of the portfolio's underlying assets at the close of business two business days earlier. This gives us time to collate data from international markets, and reflect it in our fund valuations.

(Valuation date)
Wednesday Thursday
(Effective date)
Assets for each investment option are valued based on market close prices.

6am: International markets close

8am-5pm: QSuper's assets in all markets around the world are valued based on Tuesday's closing prices and unit prices set based on these valuations.

9am: unit prices published1

1. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend unit prices at any time if there’s an extreme market volatility, or where we can’t determine valuations due to circumstances outside of our control. Where we suspend unit prices on any or all investment options, we may temporarily suspend transaction processing until unit prices are released.