How we invest your super

Our risk-balanced investment strategy differs philosophically and in its aims from that of other super funds, with thinking behind the strategy commencing in the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2007 – 2009.

We listened to members’ feedback across multiple channels. We felt we needed a different approach, underpinned by risk-based, risk-adjusted investment principles and measures of success that were better aligned to our members’ financial wellbeing.

The Investment Philosophy and Strategy offers a deeper understanding of QSuper’s risk-differentiated investment approach and its value for members.


Investment Philosophy and Strategy 2009-2018

First published in 2018, this still serves as the foundation for the investment decisions we make every day on members’ behalf.

QSuper's unique investment strategy to handle market volatility

What makes QSuper's investment strategy different is how - and why - we seek long-term growth with less risk.